Saphyr-Whorff evidenced in Arthur Eric Blair's Biography

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Saphyr-Whorff evidenced in Arthur Eric Blair's Biography Empty Saphyr-Whorff evidenced in Arthur Eric Blair's Biography

Post by AMuñozM11B on Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:48 pm

Arthur Eric Blair more known as George Orwell was an English writter that focuses and wrote about imperialism, facism, socialism, etc. In 1933 was born his novel "Dwn and Out in Paris and London" this novel comes from a hard moment in his life in which he stayed some years in Paris and London and he experienced what was to be a por person, this inspired hm to have an opinión and a critique in a cultural aspect this also happens with his novel "Burmese Days" were he mention cultural aspects taking into account his experiences, he took them as a reference to mention cultural aspects of his life.

He used to say that was important to be precise and clear when we talk he learned this by making and writing about politics because language is a powerful tool according to him it shapes the way we think, he wrote about this in his essay "Politics and English Language", in this essay we know that the language influence his life because he use it to have a good critique of the political problems.

In " Animal Farm" we evidence that he takes as a reference the Sovietic Socialism he show us that he was influenced fron literatura because he takes as reference how they wrote and the impact they leaft in his life, so he inspired from this to make some novels and focuses on literatura he know.


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