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In my last essay I wrote about big brother and the influence in the society, I wrote that because that was a topic that we find in all the reading and in this reading we find something similar, but whit other aspects, for example the “love” between the people of the city. This topic is to interesting because have some aspects of this epoch, because in this age we can see some tv channels or realities that out some people and they violate they right of the privacy of their things, obviously we have a difference between the bock and the tv shows, the difference is that in the tv shows they have the authorization of reproduce all that they do in their lives. But in this essay I am going to explain some similitudes of the real life and the bock, similitudes, like I say after, the privacy in live, and how we can see that are violated in bock and in real life, and how in the political constitution this is proved and some point of view of religion of spy others and create some gossips of them ad how we can relate this whit big brother.
To star I am going to talk about the reading. In the reading we can see how is violate the privacy in love in the cause of the love of Winston and Julia, they love each other but whit big brother in the city they relation will be impossible, something similar in the actually, we have tv show that the 24 hours keep filming to the people that is the show an in that hours they show all about them, all that they do we can see, an example of those tv shows could be; Acapulco shore and, Geordie shore. This tv shows talk and show some young people that go all night to some parties and they have to drink until they be drunk, they also live in a same house, and in that house they do all thing at the time they are film, and in those films they appear having sex whit other people, and those films are to explicit. This in some causes could be uncomfortable, because this thing is about their private live that the other people don’t have to now those things of them. This is similar in the cause of the government in the bock, that use big brother to control and to film the people the 24 hours of the day violating their right of the privacy, in the cause of the of us, we have tv shows but not only tv shows like a reality also we can see how the people violate the right to maintain in secret award personal live, we see also those thing in the new and in the tv in the shows of gossips, but why we relate this topics whit the violation of the privacy?
In news we can see a part that its name is show business , in those sections the people or the presenter of that section start to talk about all the new thing that happen whit the famous people, and those important events that happens whit the famous people are some things of their private life, because are things that is only for them not for all the people, for example. In the year we could see a lot of gossips of the famous that create the presenters of some news and those gossip make that the live of a singer, actor or a sportsman, change a lot, this because they create bad information that makes that the family or their fans change their point of view, and also they create thing of their love life, their say things like that there are saying lies to their husband and that they have other love, in some causes those things are the true but in other the news are violating their privacy and are defunding some lies that make some bad consensuses to the person that is involved in the gossip. But in this thing, this gossips boys have their consequences, because some of the people that get affect make a public and a penal demand to that person that make that gossip, some people have go to the tribunal to make a solution to those problems, because in some aspect they damage their live. In Colombia are some laws that allow the people to a demand for example the article 222 said the following;
“Injuria y calumnia indirectas. A las penas previstas en los artículos anteriores quedará sometido quien publicare, reprodujere, repitiere injuria o calumnia imputada por otro, o quien haga la imputación de modo impersonal o con las expresiones se dice, se asegura u otra semejante.” (,delitos contra la integridad moral capítulo único de la injuria y la calumnia, visit 31/05/2017 5:54pm)
this law is attached whit other articles of the Colombian constitution that support that law, and that mention some consequence that have the people that make some injuries and calumnies, for example the article number 220 in the Colombian constitution said that the people that commit or make injuries to other people have to pay 1.500 legal minimum salaries, and have to pay 16 or 54 moths in prison, but also we found in the article 221 some consequence to the people that make calumnies to other people have to pay 16 to 75 months in prison and have to pay 1,500 according to the legal minimum salaries that is legal in Colombia. Those laws are to god for all the people that are victims of those thing, and that is a god aspect that don’t have the bock in the political system, because in the bock we see that big brother that is the uncharged to spy the people of the city, is legal and is a system that was create of the same government of the bock, and we see who this could affect in some love relation of bock and the free expression of the people, other fundamental right in this epoch, but that difference don’t mind that in award epoch don’t exist the gossips boys that want to make damage to the live of the others, but we have the privilege to defend us, but not only we have those example of spy and calumnies in the people, also we have others examples and more clear and that could describe in a perfect form the situation of the bock.
2014-Colombia. In 2014 in the country of Colombia some journalists suffer of espionage, the FLIP make a public demand of those espionage that they were suffering, that organization said that they were suffering of espionage for a period of 60 years and in that period their calls were intercepted, something illegal in the award country. The FLIP said that they suffer 131 direct aggressions against the press and that produce 161victimis, of this aggressions the most common;
“were death threats, with 71 people affected, a figure that remains "worrisome" for the Flip despite registering a drop compared to 2013, where there were 75 menaced.” (, Periodistas en Colombia sufrieron amenazas y espionaje en el 2014. Visit 1/06/2017)
Also those aggressions against the journalists were in cities like Bogota, Cali, Buenaventura, and in the department of valle del cauca, also some investigations said that those aggressions where produced be the government. This is a perfect example and a god comparison whit brig brother, why? Because we can see some characteristic of both, both are produced by the government to control the people of the city, and those thing in the cause of big brother serve because they can’t go against big brother, because was the government how put that thing and don’t put some right for prohibit that thing, but in Colombia the government create some rules to prevent those things, but those thing or those rules is only in some cases to make up the false, because the same government in some cause obliges the police to intercept some private calls of the journalist of the country, smoothing that they said that was prohibited because we have to respect the private thigs of other, and if those calls listen some people that hate the person could make some calumnies an could damage de live of the people that was intercepted the call. Also a difference is the answer of the people, in the bock there are obligate to be quiet, because if they protest they could receive some punishment, but in this moment the people can fight for their rights, and also because we have a constitution that don’t permit to do or to make interception or espionage for other people, because this could help for the calumnies an injury.
We can see other point of view about that topic for example the religion, in the bible said that;
“‘You must not go around among your people for the sake of slandering. You must not stand up against your fellow’s blood. I am Jehovah.”(, levitico19:16, visit(2/2016/2017)
Whit this we can see how for religion or for good that thing is bad see, so in whatever point of view the calumnies to spy a produce those things are bod lock.
Whit those things that were mention after we can conclude that in whatever point of view to spy is bad view also because that could make calumnies something that in society could be bad see, for example in the bock we see how the government spy to all the people, for example they spy to Winston and Julia, and that could create some commentaries in street or some commentaries like we see in the reading. Spy to Winston and Julia could create some bad commentaries in the streets, but like we see we could find those commentaries not only whit famous people we could find whit normal people stating in a school or in the same street, for example we see a person and we start to say bad thigs of he or she and those bad comments star to run in too much places, so whit this essay my propose whose to show some relation whit the real life and some consequence, what are the articles that we can use in some causes and the point of view of what happen in brig brother.


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