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Camargo Eslava Juan Diego
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Mr. Juan Pablo Fajardo

In the book 1984, the author George Orwell makes and creates a society that must follow some specific rules, and this rules must be obey, taking into account this, we can note that since the first part of the text basic things for human stability in a normal society are prohibit to have a better control of the people and to prohibit let them think by them self, and with that maintain the permanence of their dictatorship. Reading this I thought about the fear that community have feel, been monitored all time, since they wake up until they go to bed again. As I already said before, many basics things are prohibited during all the story and it has a really important part since the beginning until the last part, some of the topics the reading is about I found are love, freedom, manipulation, organization, the unequal confrontation between the people and the system, and the most dangerous the trust, now I will explain each one since my point of view, I would say that the story may be based on this words I said before, because those words describe in its whole what happen in the story and the problems, in the case of the love, with Julia and Winston this love that emerged without taking into account the party make all possible things to prevent those kind of relationships and maintain their ideal.

Now I’m going to talk about the freedom something really really important now a days, and something that we can’t see in the George Orwell’s text, the freedom is negated since the first part of the book, people lives in a society in which the word freedom doesn't exist, the party and the government in other words the Big Brother works for their ideal and they arrive until a point in which they want to manipulate all what people do, they are always monitored by the telescreen. The freedom isn't just control what they make, in the book the freedom is also mental as we can evidence because people stopped making things that are basics things for a human normally, because of the fear they feel of what would happened if they didn't makes what the Big brother wants, they are scared of the consequences they can receive, people are afraid to make things by them self, are afraid to think by them self and this was produced by the Party and the government. Taking into account what I already said about love and freedom, I thought those topics can be related in a perfectly way in the text of George Orwell, with the simple words “freedom to love” love is something special is something unique every human had feel in a moment of their life, since the moment you born and your mom receive you in her arms, the love between Mom and Son is created, the love is present during all our lives, in the different ways is clear, but love is always there.

The freedom to love is something every human have to have, just you can choose who you love and who you didn't love, is impossible that another person choose one  feeling that is yours just yours but why freedom to love is related in this text?, Julia and Winston, since the moment he felt she was following him, a relation as little it is, was created, an attraction and a feeling are impossible to hide, if you love someone obviously you show your love in different aspects like kisses, hugs and  presents in really different ways, but I thought about the situation of Julia and Winston, they have to express their love in one specific space, in which the telescreen can't enter. The love is a really extensive topic to talk, seen since many point of view but the situation George Orwell planted in this case is an special one because of the freedom to love is negated, for finish with this part, I want to add that sexual relations are also a show of love between a couple, is normal but in the text isn't like that, the unique way to have sex with your couple is with the purpose to procreated and to reproduce them self, just with that purpose.
The next topic I think is also an important one is the manipulation because if we see it in a perspective taking into account the past, all had been changed for benefits to the party and the big brother, I think that in that point of the story all is not real, not even the past as I already said, all is different but why? Just for benefit of the government of the big brother. This manipulation is present since the moment we start the reading because it automatically transport us to another world, to another context, to another society really different that we didn't know, and that is one of the things a love not of the book until now, that is another context of society that we have and without put importance on that we easily imagine all about what George Orwell wrote, so the manipulation is not just in the story the manipulation is also present since the moment we started the reading, enter to a new world the world that George Orwell creates, an imaginary world that is completely convincing because been two different societies they have one little relation that is the manipulation of the state to the people in some cases.

The unequal confrontation between the people and the system is maybe the most part of the book that have a relation with the situation now in Colombia and in Venezuela, when we talk of a system, we are talking of an organization that has an idea and that it will do whatever is needed to defend and maintain those ideas and prevent whatever that can get over with them, in this case the people. In the text Winston along never will get vanquish Big brother is clear, but if we think it in another context if he get join with more people that think the same of him and they create a group, the most probably is that they will win, But the government and the Big Brother were more intelligent because they also prohibit the groups or the meetings of many people, fearing what I already said. And the situation with Colombia in Bogotá for been more exactly is the same, with the topic of the protests by the teachers of the city demanding for a better payment for their work, many marches and protests they had make because of that. It is clearly example of the unequal confrontation between the people and the government, one specific group of people get join to vanquish one idea that the government had, they manifest their nonconformity with some marches and peace protests, but Winston and the people can't make the same the teachers do, but why? For many reasons, as I said before the government and the party prohibits the groups of people fearing they get join to vanquish them, also if they get out to protest the people in charge to maintain the order will attack them, with the simple fact of think about vanquish their decisions all will get over. I related also with Venezuela now a days, for anyone is a secret that Venezuela is maybe the crossing the worst moment in their history, in the las 5 years the country is going down, and if you see the Venezuela’s situation and the 1984 story is really really similar, I started to take out relations between those cases and y laugh a little because y make like a replacement of some characters of the book with the Venezuela’s situation. The Big Brother will be Nicolas Maduro is clear, the party will be the government that makes all what Big brother wants and finally the people who live under a strict mandate is the poor Venezuelan people that is leaving a really bad moment. As we saw the two situations are really similar, and in my point of view one is the answer of the other.

With the last topic I would like to conclude my essay is maybe one topic we should put more attention that is the Trust, 1984 is a book that show as how the trust can help you and also can kill you. The trust is something you must earn, but what is trust exactly? The trust is the capacity to achieve that one person trust in us and still trusting in us, to win the trust of someone takes a long time, and it can be destroy in a few minutes. In the society that George Orwell creates you can't trust in anyone, you can't trust in who says be your friend because you don't finish to knowing someone in it totally. A clearly example of that taking into account the text is Winston, he trust in Charrington and what happened after? He was a Police, Winston trust in O’brien and what happened after? The same with Charrington, he was a police also. In a society in which the people didn't think by them self you can't trust in anyone, this is what I underline of this text, because a society influenced by the government been threatened by fear, by injustice, by attacks is a society that have a mind with ideas that are not of them, ideas that were get in there minds in bad way and that will stay there until the government don't change, until the things in Colombia don't change. For that the trust and think by ourselves is the most important thing now.

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