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Love may be the greatest feeling since it has the power to unite and destroy, just like death, death plays with us humans and yet we seek for love, love is the feeling we seek all Human being is something unconscious, we all seek affection to feel safe and protected. There are difficult loves, some accepted and others not, either because of different strata, because it is frowned upon by society, and for various reasons, but we do not decide who to love and is something that society does not accept, couples Are already established from years ago, rich with rich and poor with poor.
George Orwell shows a very complicated society, where having sex is a crime if you do not want to procreate, a society in which the rich can eat natural foods, have different smells and tastes unique and not manufactured, instead the poor have food made, is Say they do not give the land naturally, they eat "copies" of what the upper class eat.

Winston and Julia are a couple trying to escape all kinds of rules imposed by the country, Julia is a woman who loves danger, always keeps profile low and does not reveal her thoughts, she works in the department of truth and is part of The anti-sex league although she has sex with more men clearly hidden from the eyes of the great brother who is the oppressor who torments the country with death and punishment, the society of that country lives in fear for what the great Brother, since all are always watched and in every publicity to them they warn them, to be careful with each of their actions because the big brother is going to be watching them and they will be judged by each act, in these chapters we can observe how Winston and Julia struggle to retain their love above all, as mentioned above love and hope are the main elements to describe these chapters, Winston has the desire and hope To have a relationship with a woman worthwhile and not with the woman he had previously.
"It was notable how that predestined horror was entering and going out in the conscience of all. There it was, fixed in the future; preceding the death with so many inevitabilities since 99 it precedes 100. "(George Orwell, 1949, pg 160)1

Every society is full of lies and full of prohibitions, there is always someone who is watching us and is prepared to see your mistakes and judge you as the great brother does, in this society you have no right to give your opinion, it is clear that in No city there are "departments" of thought, truth, love etc, but we all belong to all "departments" in a subjective way, here in Colombia and thousands of cities is prohibited truth and honesty, so do not say it from the front , They will always sell false and happy ideas by bringing them some problems that are never missing in different cities, as we can see in this work, the great brother gives some news about wars and the like but not all are true and counted as they should be.

There are always people who see to it that the truth is known and many times it is a question of solving with war because they are not heard, how the guerrillas here in Colombia, is a group that started against the political constitution and social injustices, but as They were not listened to the good resorted to go by the violent part, likewise happens in this book and people who get tired of so much corruption that they want to go by the other side like Winston and Julia that thanks to O'Brien decide to participate in "the brotherhood "Which is a secret group, created by Goldstein, jones etc. , And goes against the big brother's party, since they do not have intimacy and have to limit themselves to the basic feelings that everyone deserves.

"The smell of his hair, the taste of his mouth, the feel of his skin seemed to have gotten inside him or to be in the air around him. It had become a physical need, something that he wanted not only what he had the right to"( George Orwell , 1949 , pg 155)2

"Sex is frowned upon if it is not to procreate" this phrase is transcendental, it comes from years ago, even in the Bible we can read that God created man and woman in order to procreate and with this phrase stayed and takes refuge Society to say that sex is a "taboo" and is poorly seen if it is only because of a carnal desire and own satisfaction, in this book we can see that there is an anti-sex league that monitors the need for sex, if Is not to procreate, couples will be condemned and there will depend their judgment, whether it is death or

"brainwashing", which consists of 3 steps, observe your situation, make you aware of what the government wants through torture and Finally, that you admit everything, that is a clear example of what happens here in Colombia, the United States, Syria etc, in an interview the Syrian commander clarified that he had never used radioactive weapons against the United States and he doesn’t have plants of This , he repeated it so many times to his community that they do not plead guilty and that is why there is so much conflict with the United States, it is said that the United States planned the most important attack of its history in 2000 that was the fall of the twin towers To make him see Syria guilty and start an attack to get what he wants.

"Power is not a means; It’s an end in itself"(George Orwell,1949, pg 150)3

Other more specific cases would be How the US manipulates us to sell them the coffee for later they sell us more expensive by the disinformation of the entrepreneurs. The bribe in the votes is also always present, for 50,000 pesos gain by one vote we affected thousands of Colombians, Not that we do not know how to fight against corruption is the fear that the oppressors sell to society.

"Until they are aware of their strength, they will not rebel, and until after they have revealed themselves, they will not be conscious. That's the problem" (George Orwell ,1949,pg 174 )4

Here in Colombia there cannot be honest journalists, just put what the government orders and if you tell the truth they seek you to kill you, same was with Winston, he wrote a private diary in a corner where the screen could not observe, to Writing you have to become invisible and save yourself the negative.
What is done here is to make us believe that Colombia is good and the rest of countries are ill to cover for everything that is happening here in Colombia, since it does not suit them that a whole country comes together to form a rebellion against the government Since they say that slavery is over is a total lie, we live slaves of lies, corruption, lack of identity and many more things, only that the government will always be prepared to say that everything is fine, as it says The writer William Ospina, the rich do not agree that the poor become rich, because thanks to the poor there are rich, thanks to their work and effort, that is why you cannot sign "peace", the poor are necessary to Depend on the rich and is something that can’t be changed.

"Knowing and not knowing, being aware of what is really true while carefully elaborated lies are being said, simultaneously holding two opinions knowing that they are contradictory and believing in both" (George Orwell, 1949 , pg 182)5

Each country is corrupt and every person in the world knows what truths are and what lies, let love triumph so have to go through many situations, not be afraid of death and face it in a group, death too Has their fear and is when a group of people is revealed against them, to end corruption you have to work as a team, not just two people like Winston and Julia who were the most constant to end the mandate of the big brother, Corruption is not achieved overnight, moreover, there are times when it does not end, but it is always worth trying it no matter what other people say because if you start the change and see results, the Others are going to unite without thinking,
The union makes the force and the ambition to the corrupt, the love is poison and antidote at the same time, you are the one that decides in which way you want to use it.


- Orwell , George (1949) , 1984 , Signet Classics.


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The text follows linearity in the presentation of ideas and follows argumentative logic. Your final grade is 8


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