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One of the faults of 1984 and the reason why it might be possible, is the lack of importance of the pedagogy, the day we understand how important education and teachers are in the society and in the civilizations, only then we will understand ourselves, our identity and our mistakes, only then the Marxism, the dreams will rest in peace and the humans, the humanist and environmentalist will reign. Before that we must use art to express the highest and lowest expressions and corners of human existence through the years, for this is important taking into account the areas where the human being needs to develop and how it does it; also how the book is related with reality and why they might be one; last but not least is important to understand that the truth Orwell defend is closer than we thought and truth can be lie, lie can be truth, or they can be the same, depending on the use and the background it is used for and it is use in.
In our reality the freedom belongs only to people who can buy it: politicians, Bourgeois; and the prole are owned by these people, they are hitmen; in the 1984 world, the proles are free and even thought their rights are not valuable neither, they at least have the choice of creating their own reality away from the party and almost all way of repression; while the party members are their own slaves and have to live in an constant instability due to the way of government and the extremist socialism. They also have some similarities; the fact of having proles poor and stupid is completely available in both dimensions, also, revolution is in proles’ hands: they are more, they are stronger and sadly, they do not know it. Now picture this: in the table are sited 4 bourgeois and 15 proles, the power is in proles´ hands but as they do not know it they are going to allow the bourgeois to cut them down. So the 4 bourgeois ate 30 hands, while the proles not only did not eat, but now they do not have hands. This is maybe a weak story or representation but is the easiest to understand. The abused proletariat is as common as breathing, what is more, is necessary. The pyramid cannot be stand without a base, and no matter which is, and how it is, it must be. The hands of the bourgeois are not worth it enough because they are not ready to produce, to be eaten; while the proles’, as their job required, are worn-out, hurt and they are good enough to produce, so not to be seen. They, somehow, taste better than they look. As the proles’ are workers and not thinkers is easier to convince them of the value their job has on the rich street. So, what is worst, the bourgeois knows the important of the proles’ and the important of education, so keeping one away from the other is the easiest way to make sure the bubble do not explode. In the book, the representation of Orwell is evidently more extremist and easy to find, the job of real bourgeois is the job of miniluv, minitrue and miniplenty, keep the average people in love with the punishment, and the manipulated education; make sure average people live at the shore of survival; and make sure the history and the information fit with the affirmation of the high class; all these in order to keep their corruption more justified so by consequence easy to understand for the people who prefer to understand a script better than to think about the story, the average. Not being good enough is what makes average people into winners, but it is also what makes average people into slaves, in this case when you do not know that there is something better and that somehow you are not a winner.
Another of the ways of manipulation and control over the proles is making them believe they got it; they are bigger than everything and larger than life; making them think than there is nothing after death so that they must keep on living fearless, so they must not be aware for the trip after life, to have a poor death just as a poor life. the proles’ see a little part of the economy they held, they see that they are at the top of the mountain when they cannot see that the mountain is higher and they are not even at the middle, they hadn’t even begin climbing it; why? Because they must be at the base of the mountain so when the climbers come they’ll have support and resources.
So the principal ally of the social corruption is the manipulation of the “me”.

The minipax is in charge of directing people’s hate to the outer instead of allowing them question the inner. Keeping the country organized is a way of making sure that the war is organized too; the instability of the government to the country is visible at the moment of war, so, the minipax is in charge not only of the hate management but also of the organization of the country.
Hating others helps people no to hate their situation, so the directing hate is poisonous for the reconciliation between the states, and again the exact same is happening in our really world.
This year, something like 2 months ago, the United States attacked Syria, with the excuse that the government attacked the rebels. This is a fight that was started by England and France; they begun promising Arab countries land and tools for raising their economy in exchange of resources, but they did not do it, instead they called Russia and US to join the group. Later, England and France left the group but Russia and US stayed, two superpowers, enemies, and some rich and ignorant land do not seem to have a happy ending. Russia joined the government and US joined the rebels, even though both fight in name of different ideals, they both betrayed them and fight in the name of what they truly have in common, love for power and money, which means they are cheaters and also good actors.
In 1984 the states maintain the war because it helps and supports the weapon business, which is (what a surprise) managed by the states, the same is happening in almost every single war and battle is happening and had happen along the human history.
The actions backstage are the ones who allowed the war keep on going without that harmful economic worn-out, that is not the case of the World War 2. Just as in 1984 happened with Goldstein, the enemies of the Nazi Germany did not accused Hitler because what he did, because they were doing the same, but because how it seemed to be and what it meant for the people, their main idea was not helping people was helping their name and how people perceive it: the saver, the heroes who stopped the holocaust, just as Oceania needs to be powerful and fair in front of the people’s eyes, to look like the messiah of the citizens, that avoid every conquer or genocide, the bodyguard of the ignorant who does not know that its hero is its own butcher.

The man kind have been working forever to improve their development in the society and to highlight in it. The concept of man as a social being is completely stolen and killed. It is one of the most radical changes in 1984.
The text not only erases every opportunity of being social, but it also erases every opportunity of globalization. The man as is not having the opportunity of developing in society is coming into a machine; a machine without the natural instincts. The sex more than as an excuse for reproduction was a natural instinct, was a necessity, was one of main parts of human existence; sex, hate, violence and greed are the main instincts of mankind, they are mankind, the other feelings such as love, peace, prejudice are only spectrums, reflects of those 4 kings.
The novel is so satire because it takes those kings to the top, mixed with the fifth king that we created, corruption. The simple fact of stealing, hurting and directing the cruel kings to your own people, to the people you said you would defended, is the biggest act of corruption, the betrayal. It had happened a lot in our third world countries, we are educated in order that we love others and we hate us. We do not understand that we are the reason of others; we ex change our identity for entertainment.
“La Guerra de las bananeras” was a genocide of workers, this because President Abadía Mendez cancelled and denied a strike of the workers of United Fruit Company; because of this US decided to thread Colombia, telling them that they will invade them via navy if they do not solve this problem, the priority were the interest of the United Fruit Company. The government decided to attacked their own people, knowing they were fighting for something fair, because they were afraid of the power of the US, they made that bad decision of letting US enter to the country and mainly because Colombian economy depend on the US; this is just another rough example, of course Orwell who was pretty distant form Colombia may had never thought that his masterpiece would be related everywhere at that level
The term “anthropogenic effect” refers to the effect mankind had had in the environment. Even though this is a topic that may not seemed to be related to the novel, it is; the story takes place in a dark, monotone and death place, which somehow means no life no nature, not even human nature, the dark, grey place must be the pollution of enterprises; the absence of green, live means the abolition of thoughts and love. Properly the lack of nature means the slavery, the lack of life.
War as is war and as the only thing with a soul and an identity in 1984 it has a harmful effect, against environment and the own civilization; but not even war, the concept, what it means; the fact of having minipax and a not a minister that is not anthropocentrism is one of the characteristics Orwell copy from reality. The importance of humans and society transcends the importance of nature.

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre established that a being exists when it perceives itself and its essence is when others perceive it. He also said that the only right perception we have is the essence but the existence is wrong, we do not exist as we are perceived.
Based on Sartre’s ideas changing the perception of existence into something even more incorrect will help them create a better and versatile perception of the outer reality, making you doubt about your own existence and then giving you the answer was the idea of the party, what they did not think was that the other people´s essence and its own existence is individual, and might be manipulated if the owner of the mind allows it.
The own existence is subjective, there is nothing objective in the world, this let us think ¿what was the motivation of the party to keep people controlled? ¿was it a long term plan? ¿where does the necessity of power comes from? ¿how real is the world and our place in it?
Orwell’s idea was to make a representation of the real world but in a way hard to compare with reality; Orwell naked the reality and the corruption to show us that somehow own reality is full of hidden ghosts. This cruel radiography has been misunderstood by many because this book ironically has hidden ghosts everywhere.
The ideas are not wrong are just incomplete, we should not try to stop rich people from being rich but to stop poor people from being poor.


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The essay ia not completely linear in the presentation of ideas. There are no bibliographical references, which would be a causal of disciplinary measures. Please always use references. Your overall grade is 8


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