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As we can see now a days the government is using the same method every day, year, century, their main goal is to maintain the power in their hands, giving us the role of puppets, a role that we admit with no problem because we now that rebellion leads to death. The method they use is a simple one, when we were kids we used to use it in situation where there was a punishment, can you guess it? , yes, the method I’m talking about is lying. The uses of lies is common since long time ago but even though we now is a bad thing, we still do it to turn the bad thing in good things, words are like swords if you know how to use them then, life will be ease. If you realize politics is just like that way, your speech may increase or decrease you final votes because they can convince people or turn people against you, but the use of this simple method can turn the threats into blessing, true is not allow to get out from its cage instead of that, lie comes and sweeten the ears of people who is hearing the speech.

If internet wasn’t available nowadays, past, present and future would be in the hands of the government just as in 1984 book from Georges Orwell, in the place that gave us the book there’s no way to know if what the news tells is real, the job of Wiston was the key to have society in favor, changing everything that was wrong and editing makes the way to power closer. This essay is going to talk about the lying method, how they are used to stabilize people using as reference the situation given in Georges Orwell´s book 1984, the situation that people are suffering because of the desire for power from people who participate in politics (state, candidates, president, government, etc.) nowadays (2017) and the main thing that stop us from having the truth in our hands, fear. From an external point of view 1984 is an alternative reality that the corrupt people will create if they don’t stop cheating with every word they pronounce, if they tell the truth, people will trust them and everyone will be happy and fine, just like in fairy tales but what we are living is an imitation of hell because if we really lived a hell more than half of people would already be dead what makes it bearable.

To develop this idea first of all we need to now some concepts that can facilitate the comprehension of it. What is the definition of truth, government, power, lie, and society? Truth are words, phrases or acts that are supported by reality and can be fully argued, government is a group of people that guide the society, power is a wish of humans to have all in their hands just like a monopoly game, lie everything that can be supported by reality and its hardly argued and finally society is a conformation of people that are related in different areas. This concepts are some basic terms that will help with the development of the idea, some of them are in the quote, this helps your attention to be in the way that is necessary to be, because the central topic as is extent they are different way to see or related it, look the way the quote look and let all your cons way, let read the quote:

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”(Georges Orwell, 1949, page 75)

Here we can see a crucial part and it’s time, why I’m saying time? Well, as you now past acts can have several influence in present and future aspects, that’s exactly what the quote refers to, when an event in past is alter present will know that’s missing something but future would even understand what we are talking about because the missing feeling disappear, and the only way to recover the feeling is by finding evidence something difficult because if in the past the evidence was erase there’s practically no way to get it again, and the plan was successful. Sometimes there are temporal thing erased, why temporal? Because then the truth is find and the plan don’t successes and obviously there’s when the past can’t be alter so there’s nothing to worry about because things are following their right path, that´s how thing should be, because things have a path to follow so, if they don’t follow the path their will end in misfortune because they alter their “destiny”. In the quote there are 3 facts, the first one in which the events, happenings, everything from past was erase, then the second one is that the fact that is was erased was forgotten and the third one is that the second fact let the third one to be truth even though it wasn’t, people after forgetting the real things allow other to clean their doubts with false thing and then that becomes the crucial point that let a lie be the truth.

Now taking again the principal idea that is the way lying method is use using 1984 reference, nowadays situation mainly taking about Colombia issues and fear. The method used in 1984  is the lying method which consist in the replacement of truth using false happening or editing false affirmation made in news, reports, comments, movies, etc. As we know the job Wiston has was basically the one of replacing or editing the real fact so the ones that realize the wrong affirmation can  get out with a  brilliant face, proud of what they really don’t do, even more if they screw up something really bad they resolve the issue by maybe crazy methods, an example of this can be, the A hit the C and ends killing B and D is the witness, the prediction goes wrong because  B hit D, kill the A and eat C wrong and they edit it as, the fallen E save D from the hands of A,B,C. E gave his life to protect D but he dies, because E was injured by a bullet that A shoot before being killed by E when B and C had already died, the bullet traversed the lung of E and he died, Let’s celebrate the admirable job of E, they can just create a dead person and resolve the issue or deleted the existence of someone, “When once you were in the grip of the Party, what you felt or did not feel, what you did or refrained from doing, made literally no difference. Whatever happened you vanished, and neither you nor your actions were ever heard of again. You were lifted clean out of the stream of history.”(Georges Orwell, 1949, page 164-165). Taking into account all of this the manipulation of data in 1984 is something that nowadays is also use, in Colombia the manipulation is seen in news when they actually just put us news that  are not related with the country problems they evade all that this putting entertainment series which is something people like or they show us the good side of politics and the good side of the country so that we can’t see the real situation, because they now that the town can fight and win, because the town is more than they so the only way for them to win is by making lie prevail in all speeches and making us forget the real situation so they can gain all the power and dominate us. Politics, state, government and other have an ace that let the win and is fear, people saw that they are killing the people that brings truth to others and they become puppets, because fear enters in their veins and immobilize their movements, they are experts at killing any light of hope by terrorizing people, showing them that a simple act of rebellion would lead them to death. Well, nowadays people that know the truth are quiet because they know that if they speaking the state or any organization that is related with will send someone to kill him, just like in 1984, the only difference is that there is a telescreen which see every movement and hear every sound you make, making the finding process easier they know what you are doing and if you are against something or not, if they find something you can be completely secured that they will take you at night and say goodbye to earth. That method makes them feel scared and become puppets an easier way to have the power. The implement of lying method and fear make everything easier because we born been proud of life and love, so stop doing it scared us, even more if we have a family or a lover. We feel scared because we know that they know that we know the truth and as in movies, series and others they show methods of torture that kills people or alter their mental health which is something impossible to not been afraid of.

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. (…) And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly, as the true had got to be defend.” (Georges Orwell, 1949, page 81)

The party put rules, the government put rules, but what the reason is? It is because if they have rules they can always win even though the timing, taking into account they choose what the rules are and how they are follow, if you go against you are dead. We know what is true and what is false and we hide it, but the point is that truth needs to be defend, because if it is the slave job ends, when life is full of truth it goes fantastic but if there are rates of lies life becomes difficult and difficult, more every day because it becomes a yoke that kills your back. We need to convince everyone that the right way is the truth, that there isn’t other way to live a good live, corruption isn’t a good choice and the tools that we need to success in the goal are, persistence, determination, the mouth and security. People don’t  take the right way and we, that knows the truth need to support them and guide them, we need to take care of the innocent ones because if the government fill them with lies they are going to thing that it is the truth and they will support them in a future, without knowing that is false. They will fight in vain.

In conclusion we can say that 1984 is a prediction of what would happen if the use of the lying method and implementation of fear are done continuously to the point of having everyone in their hands as there is said before assimilating a monopoly. Government will rule with lies that are truly believe, killing those who in their hearts still hold the hope that the truth that they know for a long time come out and change the present in which they live but as someone said, a thousand can do more than one. Which leads us to another small conclusion in which it is shown that if people (town) works together that people (town) can achieve what they proposed. 1984 is warning us that future can be different if that hope of ending the laying method and taking out the truth pass through everyone and we fight for it, everything will be better. The craving for power makes the human blind, hurting those who carry what he wants, no matter what method he choose if he gets what he want, so the alteration of evidence is seen as the first option not to be found guilty. They threw the evidence, the truth to the fire to be consumed with their sins. Life  is not better with power is better with love and truth.


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The grammar, the spelling and the overall redaction need a lot of work. The essay ia confuse and beats around the bush so much. Your General grade is a 6


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