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1984 the famous book of George Orwell talk us of a reality that in the book he related just like a dystopian, a fictional society Governed by a totalitarian government; but we can see that in the current times The politics are not involved in this At least in Colombia, what is really involved in a Totalitarian idea is the internet To be more specific in social networks.

The internet has been a really cool invention; it makes the human life easier in all aspects talking from basic things like how to cock an egg until send a message in seconds or maybe medicine an all that stuffs. In the current times the people has converted into ignorant people Thanks to the misuse we give to this, We are becoming stupid machines that put something on Google and the first thing it appears we copied without knowing what we copy ,and that’s all, “we already have the knowledge of the world”, the first thing that appears to us not always is going to be the truth this happen in many cases, but, when the day The internet is over is extinguished arrives, that day will not just extinguish the internet but also the knowledge of the "thinking being" it means us, the people, we will realize that day that the we are so ignorant and until that moment we will realize that our life depends On the internet, without internet we are nothing, just you to check it last 1 day without internet. But well that is not my main point and the one I want to develop, my main point to develop is the social networks in general and how they are watching us, how they are “the big brother”.
"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." – (George Orwell, 1984, chapter 1 page 4)1
Must of the human race has social network’s like Facebook, WhatsApp, tweeter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. this social web sites had evolved they Have revolutionized the way we communicate, meet people and even find out new friend´s about interconnecting things, in these networks we publish photos, videos, information, everything so that our friends and strangers can know our likes, our phone our, email address and can establish a conversation with us, But this I think we have already seen it on, in the other hand George Orwell the writer of 1985 shows us with the party Ingsoc the totalitarianism tacking the power and the control of the town (“totalitarianism the government has complete and absolute power over the people, that's totalitarianism. This is a repression, without freedom type of society. We live in a democracy, where the people have a say and elect officials. The opposite is totalitarianism: a totalitarian society is usually ruled by a dictator, and there is very little or no freedom. In totalitarianism, the government controls almost every aspect of life. There is no free speech or freedom of the press: certain religions and ideas may be banned. George Orwell's novel 1984 was a brilliant look at a world of totalitarianism.”)2
While you entertain and publish everything you do on Facebook, Facebook learn about where are you an with witch persons you are and knows how far you live this is a great example of the “big brother”, has never happened that you are in Google maps and the same Google maps tells you how much you waste time since Your house to work without even you have put the direction of your house and the work the simple fact that you have the locator activated the telephone assimilates that if you move from one side to another many times that is your work, we are monitored all the time, Every move we make, with who we talk, what is what we say.
Every photo that you publish automatically becomes property of Facebook, as the quote says (quote #2) that is the ideology of social networks, make us believe that it is nothing bad but in one way or another they are taking our lives, our thoughts of what we do, We have been selected as cattle with the social networks mark in our ass S.N, as the town is ignorant they can do whatever they want with the people.

In the text we can find that Winston brain wash him put his greatest fear to the front that are the rats until finally they manage to wash the brain so that it becomes one more of the heap other cow to make part of the cattle as they do with us the social networks.
If you open a social network you are going to stay hours and hours and hours on it, is a thief of time that the more you use it the more you wash your brain is a own brainwashing that the only thing that we win whit it is take our life and make We love social networks, as we can see we have a clear example of how social networks today have become the great brother, the writer George Orwell has shown us since 1949 and throughout the course of history we have seen several things that Can be evidently interpreted as the “Big brother” and now the social networks are the “big brother” in the flesh.

But how can we solve this problem and overthrow the “big brother”? It is almost impossible to change the minds of billions of people because we let ourselves take so much advantage that now is more important Facebook than our own family like in 1984 that the big brother was the most important above all is more important than the very God, social network’s had have already taken so much advantage that we have created an incontrollable monster.

"Life, if you looked about you, bore no resemblance not only to the lies that streamed out of the telescreens, but even to the ideals that the Party was trying to achieve." (George Orwell, 1984, chapter 7 Page 74)3

These networks often also creates smoke curtains to distract us from what is really happening in the world, what is really important not if a famous person left a woman in shame but what really happens in the world example Venezuela and what It's happening, all these things that really have relevance had a importance. We are puppets of the networks, they manipulate us, they give us the information that benefits to them, as I said before they do not show what in truth is but they only show us what they want to show us what has benefits to them, but I think this you already read it in any part, right? This is the situation in 1984, is practically the same And not only in 1984 in all aspects show us only the things that benefits them to show us and if they show more of the account to the people they know that they lose power and it does not convenient for them at all, to them what they convenient is to have us eating Of their hand and doing what they want us to saying “Freedom is slavery” as in the quotation (quote #1).
As conclusion we can see a clear case of totalitarianism in social networks meets all the characteristics only that it is not a political party is the unique things that do not have bat with everything it accomplish the characteristics of a totalitarian idealists, the people controlled in all aspects in their thoughts are watched with whom they talk, at what time they talk, how they talk, what they publish, the likes, what it does not like, all these aspects make that the social networks are an excellent example of totalitarianism, so take care because the big brother is watching you.

1 taken from 1984
2 taken from 1984
3 taken from


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This essay delivers an understandable main idea, yet, grammar bass some major issues and so does punctuation. Your grade is a 7


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