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Post by VFulaP11A on Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:04 am

The incredible fact about literature is it´s transcendence and power to reflect actual situations that we can see nowadays in society, reading 1984 of George Orwell you can evidence that even when it was written long time ago, like in 1949 or so when things were not so wrong, the author was predicting what is happening right now and as a reader you can relate it with whatever you want and it would have a lot of sense, maybe this topics we can see in the book would reflect also the future in a long time and in that way George Orwell would be living through the transcendence his work will have.
Maybe you can compare the book’s situation with your actual environment, let´s take as an example the school, which is supposed to be the place in which you are becoming a good person and also a person with general knowledge that everybody is supposed to get, in the school the book can be represented in the way the students feel like they were in jail, even when it was not the idea.
In school students which can take the role of Winston have their own telescreen but with different name, we used to call it just “camera” and there is one whatever you go, it is a miracle that there are not cameras in the bathrooms but in the other places you can feel the eyes of the big brother watching you all the time and is like uncomfortable sometimes, also you have the thought police that are the teachers, some of them are just an O’Brien when they need to take you off information and others are just disinterested thought police, just keeping their eyes on you watching if you are following the rules and if you are not, just vanished you. School can be the place where you learn to suppress your feelings, talents and free expression, they teach you to follow the rules and engage with the system, is just the way in you want to relation it.
The book is so abundant in topics, you can relate different stuff like maybe the way in which are represented the feelings there, in the book people cannot relate in an affective way because of the pressure of thought police and the telescreens, people nowadays is tired of loving and according with the book people can only have a sex relation to procreate and not because of love but, are we taking care about the love? Now people just care about pleasure and satisfying their carnal famine, the love is a thing that now is considered as an excuse to upload a picture of your “perfect relationship” with a person that you could not see to the eyes one moment because you were busy, chatting or applying a filter to the picture, love definition now is to published a message to your boyfriend/girlfriend with a “goal picture” just to obtain likes and the real question is, what happen with true love? The one in which you write letters, put your heart in a simple detail, a flower, dedicate a song or even an invitation to the theatre or only to watch the stars. But nowadays is hard to sensitize people about the real meaning of loving someone and give him/her the best of you.
In the book the Winton’s wife is called Katherine and even when she do not appear directly in the book he speaks about her and tell Julia about her and that he just try and try to procreate with her because she was very beautiful but no because she were intelligent or she was worth it, because as he didn’t loved her they were bound to get separated because they cannot divorced because of some laws of the party and that is a good example in which he just choose her because of her physical attributes and not because of her feelings or personality like is with Julia.
Winston and Julia in one part of the book just betray each other because of the tortures of O’Brien and that is in one part a different situation because of the torture but nowadays what is fashionable is to betray the people you love because you did not take a good decision but some others just do it because of pleasure and because one day “you are going to be tired of the same meat” sounds bad but now things are like that because people is treacherous, hypocrite and liar with people who really do not deserve or maybe yes but the situation here is that you are not like them, you are a better person.
Obviously the betray is not only a topic of couples, now your friends and even your family sometimes betray you in any way, we can evidence the fact when Winston trust people like O’Brien and Charrington and then discover that they were thought policeman and it happens for example when you put your vote of trust in the presidential candidate. He promised you that one day he is going to change the country and established peace everywhere, and then when he is chosen already you can see the “change” but the most evident is the way in which he damaged all and just like it was related the school with the book obviously you can relate the country or even the city and you can relate it better because is what we are living nowadays, but people is happy with the new telescreens which are the ones watching and showing everybody what you are doing.
The difference between their telescreens there in the book and ours is that we like the ones we have, they are called “cell phones” and the one who doesn’t have one now is outdated and the hard thing about this is that it becomes actually a need maybe to work, to download different apps, just to use the social networks, play or anything because they even think when you do not want to do it with the calculator, they replace the use of dictionary, now who needs a camera?
Fear the day when technology surpasses our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots. (Albert Einstein 1879-1955) This is just another prediction of future and the transcendence this quote have is incredible because Einstein was right with what he said, technology is good but the problem is in the way we use it, now people do not want to pass time in family because is better stay at home watching “memes” and also at the time of eat at home you do not respect that you do not have to use your cell phones and in an specific moment you discover that you do not know the people with the ones you life all your life, and that is sad.
The technology is used also to manipulate people and that is a scary fact because sometimes you fall in the promotion of the big brother’s party and you do not even notice that, nowadays the social media is used to show what in our society the government is hiding and people just follow the idea of this system and when someone wants to change things about the system is vanished just like in the book or let’s go to the past when Jorge Eliécer Gaitán was a candidate that would change things in the country and when people saw that he was a good person, the one who was not just speaking for people to vote him but to change the situation of the country and demonstrate we are more than just war and violence but as he wants to improve the situation he has to be dead and he was, only because the wants the best for us and again envy and hate wins with his dead.
A good example we can see of manipulation of social media is when the tragedy of Armero happens and the national channels of news like RCN and Caracol prefer to show again a Colombia’s football match to keep people calm even when the little girl called Omaira was dying and people was good watching the match because that is what the big brother wants you to see.
And you just ask yourself what you can do and actually there is nothing you can do, because if you speak with your own voice what would happens is the same that happens to Gaitán, they are going to vanished you only because you know the truth and what they are doing and it does not suit them that you open others eyes because the union makes force and if you are alone there’s nothing you can do to change the situation but if you work together with more people that supports you then you will be successful.
As a conclusion we can see that if maybe you could appreciate the hard work of authors to show you the truth in every work they do, literature is a fantastic world that can show you more than you think like this amazing book, 1984 which is the one with you can have a good relation with reality and also is a lesson to teach you to appreciate the real meaning of love, trust, loyalty and other things that are not so good like that the people is bad, they will betray you and you have to learn but never take revenge because you are better than that, that this country isn’t just violence, that you can change things if you start by you the people around you and that the technology have the power that you decide to give it and do not forget that you are a person and you can do things by your own.


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Post by J.A. Fernandez P. 11A on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:54 am

"Now people just care about pleasure and satisfying their carnal famine"
" but people is happy with the new telescreens which are the ones watching and showing everybody what you are doing."
"Fear the day when technology surpasses our humanity."
These were some of the phrases that shocked me, I like the essay and the way you develop your idea of trascendence by linking situations of the book with situations of the past and fo the present. Congratulations Vale

J.A. Fernandez P. 11A

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