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Post by JAariasU11b on Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:34 am

1984 is a novel that was wrote by George Orwell in the year 1949, and this novel is the most famous novel or book that he had wrote in his career. This novel talks about how the three main continents (Asia, Eurasia, and Oceania) are controlled or governed by the Big Brother. The Big Brother divided the class systems of the world into three main classes that are the inner party, the outer party, and the proles; these three classes are observed, followed and controlled all the time because the Big Brother wants to “maintain the order” in his world because he do not wants that a person cause a complot or that a person do a revolutionary act, that is also why he wants to control the mind of the people and do not let them think, because they can realize that all what the Big Brother did is to create ignorance in the habitants of his world.
But the novel of George Orwell is just fiction? Or it is something inspired in the real life? Or is a prediction that George Orwell did? We may say that he could get inspired in the Nazi Germany and how it was governed because if we analyze it is very similar because the Big Brother controls the people and choice what he wants for they to believe in and the people that goes against him will be disintegrated; and the people that goes against of the believes of Hitler will die or will be punished. Taking this into account we may say that he wrote 1984 because he got inspired in the Nazi German of the Second World War.
But, we can also say that he wants to express or show his point of view of how he thinks the world would be in the future; or he only wants to show an hypothetical theory of how would be the world, but his prediction was not totally wrong, quite the opposite, he was more or less right because right now, now a days there is a country which is governed really similar as the Big Brother governed the world in the book, this name of this country is North Korea. But, why is North Korea controlled as the world in 1984? First of all, because the dictator that is from Korea and whose name is Kim Jung-un controls the whole country as he wants, like the Big Brother. In North Korea the people have to do all what Kim Jung-un said because if you do not follow the rules you will receive a really big punishment, and if you want to abandon the country you can’t because no one that belongs from North Korea can leave the country; if you do not want to be in North Korea you have to escape, is your unique option, but if they catch you they are going to kill you because that is a really bad crime in North Korea; and something similar to this happens in the novel because you cannot escape from the Big Brother because he all the time is watching you by some screens that are in all the places of the world. But the thing in which George Orwell’s novel is really similar to the North Korean Country is that in the book the minds that the Big Brother wants to control at a 100% are the minds of the kids, and in North Korea Kim Jung-un wants the same thing and when the kids are younger he starts to create a feeling of hate that goes against the United States of America (U.S.A). Both (Kim Jung-sun and the Big Brother) do this because they know that the weakest minds are the minds of the kids because they have not their minds well developed so they are easily to be controlled, and as they are going to be the future of the world is really important to control their minds since they are born because in the future they are going to do everything that the dictator and the governor want and it is almost impossible and hard that the kids betray their own country or world when they grow up, so they (Kim Jung-un and Big Brother) ensure the fidelity of the people, the future of their dictatorship and the future of their countries because the people never are going to rebel if their minds are controlled by the Big Brother and Kim Jung-un since they were born.

"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious." George Orwell, 1984 (Part 1, Chapter 7, pg. 74)

In this quote George Orwell says that if they never become conscious they will never rebel and he is right because if they never realize that the Big Brother gives them a bad threat they all the time are going to be controlled and they never are going to do something to finish that bad threat that they receive all the time.
But there is something that now a day controls all the people and watches you all the time and it is something that is controlled by the humans and the name of this something is the internet. But, why and how the internet controls all the people that have access for it?
The majority of the people in the world have access to the internet; the internet is the platform that has a lot of platforms, these platforms have different functions such as: send mails, get informed of what happens in the world every day, send messages, view videos, etc. So the internet is really useful and that is why it is important in the daily life, but the internet is also a source that creates different kind of trends or fashions that at the end all the people do, some of them are stupid but a lot of them are really risky and they could kill you if you try to do or accomplish it. The most recently risky trend that appeared is the “Game of the blue whale”. This game consist in: you have to do a challenge every day, there are in total 50 challenges so the game ends in the day fifty after you began the game, and the last challenge is that you have to take your own life or in other words you have to suicide. But this game is a process for changing or programing your mind in order for you to get depressed and create a feeling of not being in this world so you do not want to live more so you suicide; in other words this game controls your mind until you want to suicide and you accomplished the fiftieth and final challenge that the game puts you.
But this was just an example of the trends that the people of the internet create because there are a lot of trends in the internet and the majority of the users follow these trends. So every time when a new trend or fashion appears a lot of people do it and without thinking in the consequences that this trend causes. This means that the internet controls you because every time that it wants you for make something they create a trend or challenge that sooner or later you are going to do or accomplish it. But why the people always do these stupid trends that the people from some webpages create? Because it is something like a chain, someone is the first in doing that trend and then a second one, then a third one, and it continues like that until millions of people are doing the trend, an example of this is the “game” that appeared in the 2015 that was the Charlie Charlie game. So we can say that the Big Brother is the internet in the real life because the internet controls all the people and all the people that have access to the internet do everything that the internet said by doing that trends; but the internet is also like the Big Brother because the internet is always watching you and they all the time are taking more and more information about you by looking the things that you search and looking the webpages in which you enter; when they do this they know more about you and they can take more personal information if you put all your personal data in a webpage, they all the time are knowing more about and they are controlling you all the time that you are connected to it.

"a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting - three hundred million people all with the same face." George Orwell, 1984 (Part 1, Chapter 7, pg. 77)

In conclusion 1984, the book or novel that was wrote by George Orwell, can be consider a novel which most powerful entity, the Big Brother, could be inspired in a real person that governed in the past a country and then a big part from Europe and this person controlled all the people that belongs to his nation and the people that goes against his leadership the best solution for he was killing them. But 1984 can also be a prediction that George Orwell did 68 years ago in order to tell how he think the world would be controlled in the future; and he was not bad because there is a country in Asia that have a dictator that controls all the people and that he always is watching what the people do in order to evade being betrayed by the people of his country. Or we can say that he was not too bad because he predicted that something in the future is going to be controlling all the human minds, and that something that is controlling right now the human minds is the internet and the internet is always watching the movements of the users in order for gaining more information about they and they control a lot of people by creating new trends that sooner or later the people are going to do without thinking in the consequences that those trend can cause if you accomplished the trend. And as taking into account the quote and relating it with the internet and the dictatorship from Kim Jung-un we may say that all what the internet want is to make a community in which all have the same thoughts and think the same things, they want to control 300 hundred million people that all have the same face, this means, they control the mind of millions of people for changing their thoughts and their way of thinking and start a community that all are the same, a community in which all have the same way of think, a community in which all he people have the same face and they fight for the same thing. And George’s prediction will come real. But we can also said that it isn’t a prediction or a novel that is inspired in the dictatorship of a German, we can also say that is a fiction novel which unique objective is to entertain the people, but thinking that will make the novel a boring novel.


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There are several levels in which this essay does not comply with the minimum of any essay:
Language: full of grammar mistakes in the use fo third person of present simple, conjugation of verbs and extension of paragraphs.
Arguments: right now, the overall percentage of internet users does not go over 60%
Redaction: your text does not follow a lineal route to explain... anything! there is no center idea which one can follow, there are just facts seemingly disconnected from each other. Your arguments do not develop any kind of idea, they just show information and your conclusion is not supported in any kind of data. There is no intertextuality, no resources of other authors whatsoever.

Your final grade is a 4.


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