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Post by AFOtaloraA11 on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:08 pm

Andy Smith was born in India on april 7, 1903, he was a writer that created text´s related with maxism, facism, ontotalism. His text´s were based on fiction, poetry, and critique, he has a father which was a carpenter for more than 20 years in that time Andy Smith studied in one of the best and most important schools and before a time in the university of India with the help of his father.

His mom was a psychologist but its wage was not enough to help pay the university, after sometime Andy knows a woman called Martha she was the director of a bank what it means that her wage was so high and enough to pay things Andy can´t, so Martha helped him and his family to pay every debt they have, making that every economic problem can be solved.


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Realeted to...
He had a father who
The director of a bank which means...
Check punctuation.
Check concordance.

Your grade is 7,5.


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