Sapir-Whorf theory in George Orwell literature

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Sapir-Whorf theory in George Orwell literature Empty Sapir-Whorf theory in George Orwell literature

Post by JALeonM11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:18 pm

George Orwell or Eric Arthur Blair was an English novelist, essayist, and critic most famous for his novels Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-four (1949).
He was a man of strong opinions who addressed and criticize the political movements of his times, including imperialism, fascism and communism. Must of his stories are based on dystrophies. He was the son of a British civil servant; George Orwell spent his first days in India, where his father was stationed. must of the writers based in something to write their text’s in this case we can evidence that George Orwell see the society sins his perspective and based in what he see in the society of his time (imperialism, fascism and communism) he created his literature and this created a culture, culture is a Set of knowledge and ideas not specialized acquired through the development of intellectual faculties example by reading the books focus in certain topics that give you knowledge, ideas this book in specific talk about dystopias so you can start to see dystopias that had been occurring during the years in the world this book during his story had some characters, definition or concepts (literature) that you can start like compering whit things of the real world, the book seed to you that all is fictional and is just a story but if you get into the story you are gone start to see that not all is fictional there are some things that actually happen in the past an also in the present. Its evidence the Sapir-Whorf theory in George Orwell literature.


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