saphir-whorff theory is evident in arthur blairs

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saphir-whorff theory is evident in arthur blairs

Post by NDmolinaP11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:22 pm

Gric Arthor Blair was born on 25 June in esteem India. He wrote two of the most famous novels of the 20th century “Animal Farm” and “Nineteen eighty-four”. In a period of time he was a man of strong political movement of his time, including imperialism, fascism and communism. Whit Orwell we can found that he creates a new language in his literature, he creates new words and each word has if each mining and those who reads his bock likes all those words because it was different and was original, in this cause we can see a perfect example of the relation whit literature and language. Also we can see the relation whit culture and language when Gric Arthor Blair write a bock when he talk about his experience in other country that is not India, his natural country, he talk about his experienced in the country that he was and we talk about all that he fell and all the thing that are in that country, in this we can see how his show to his readers the culture of other country, and his specific characteristics. For finish, whit this examples we can see the relation whit language, culture and literature.


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