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Saphyr-Worff Theory  Empty Saphyr-Worff Theory

Post by AFOtaloraA11 on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:57 pm

George Orwell was an english novelsit, essayist, and critic, most famous for his novels "Animals Farm" 1945 and "nineteen eight-four 1949.

George Orwell was novelist, essayist and critic so we can start saying the relation literature and culture had, since George Orwell publish his books it begins to be recognized by every one and the society begins knowing who was Eric Arthur. The shapyr worff theory has a influence very high here because George Orwell was a writer so it menas the literture starts to influence the culture while that was passing George create a language which appears in the book nineteen eight four, so we can say that culture in this case dont influence too much in literature and language but was at the contrary, which means that every conclusion was obtained from here was like the order was previouslly mention. When we talk about how literature or language involved culture it means that when culture is knowing something from the literture it starts to involved what they learned in their daily lifes it depends if its good or bad and depends on people, why?, because if George said something bad in his books obviously the soceity can´t apllied to their lifes but if that person don´t is concious about what happens if it applied so he or she is wrong and taking a bad decission.

"Reality is mediated by language"

Saphyr Worff Theory: If something is named, it exist at least as a concept


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