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Post by NRodriguezA11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:00 pm

ARTHUR BLAIR used to write about unfair things, about what he saw and all the things that influenced him, all the things make a mark on him and also make that he start going against bad ideals in which the reach people receive a good threat and the poor ones was threated as nothing, that unfair things was the beggining of a new men, the things that surround him and grew up out of her country being weird people in a decent country in which the culture was totally different and make him write about it, he use he new language for showing the daily life inconformities.
He was influenced by all the things that happen arroung him, all those things that was unfair, the way in which the goverment destroy the people and how the rich start growing, all sustented by the lace, the nationality, the way in which they are rejected and hurt.
As in the book “ animal farm” he exposed all the things he thought abour the represaries of the goverment and also was censored because in that time u.k was trying to have peace with soviet unión, was a anti nazi totalitarism and communism work expresing to hard the things that pass by that regimes


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