Saphyr-whorff-theory in relation with George Orwell.

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Saphyr-whorff-theory in relation with George Orwell. Empty Saphyr-whorff-theory in relation with George Orwell.

Post by PVelascoT11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:45 pm

Literature is actually influenced almost always by culture, and obviously by language; the biggest representatives from literature were used to use this artistic tool in orther to critize, or even predict consequences and stuff about society.

On Arthur Blair’s case, there’s a huge sample about Saphyr-whorff-theory; we can begin with the greatest one, culture and literature: one of the Orwell’s life importance was his opossition with politics and social factors such as comunism, totalitarism, fascim, etc. Which was later evident on his literature productions, he used a cultural conflict on literature development. He started to write when he was a child, and once he said that during his scholarship he noticed the diference in treatment for rich and poor kids, this cultural fact was later seen on his works: “I think from the very start my literary ambitions were mixed up with the feeling of being isolated and undervalued” this was said by Orwell, and explains his experiencie. He travelled once to spain, and there he fought against Francisco Franco during the civil war; those kind of experiences also influenced on his publicatios by the time of writing essays and criticism (while he was sick, he wrote a lot of essays, reviews, criticism, etc.).

The relation from culture to literature was already said, but also there’s a small relation between same both, but with contrary order: both best Orwell’s novels were turned into films, creating culture from literature. Without leaving language out, we can talk about his first word: beastly. Actually this creates a relation between the three facts, from culture to language and then for literature, becasue this word is on every Orwell’s book, and beastliness concept created on “Animal farm”.


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