Fictional biography- Tajad Bishmahob

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Fictional biography- Tajad Bishmahob Empty Fictional biography- Tajad Bishmahob

Post by LLParra11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:17 pm


Tajad was an important writer from India, born in 1903 of April 24. His childhood was full of events that marked his life in every sense, since he was a little boy his parents taught him to read, that's why he started to write, he felt literature was the begging of a new life in which people can sink in it and see things that in our standard vision we can't.

He became an important writer with his amazing work carrying on the following universal problems: Totalitarism, Fascism and Marxism. Using poetry he caught citizens attention, his language was just a door to other world; it brings serenity to the readers, poetry wasn't the only medium, fiction was also a big topic; his experience was an important tool for him, and was the base of his works. Journalism and criticism is something he used to do in every moment (mainly his free time), travels helps writers a lot and for him it was essential, seeing the people suffer just turn his feelings to the floor, he fight until the end for a peaceful world and he died believing in that.

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Fictional biography- Tajad Bishmahob Empty Re: Fictional biography- Tajad Bishmahob

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Check word order and some spelling mistakes.

...was an important toool for him and the base of his works.
...poetry wasn´t the only means ...

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