Saphyr-Whorff evidenced in Eric Blair's biography

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Saphyr-Whorff evidenced in Eric Blair's biography  Empty Saphyr-Whorff evidenced in Eric Blair's biography

Post by VFulaP11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:58 pm

The Saphyr's theory is evidenced in George Orwell's life because first we are talking about a writer whose topics of speaking in his books are basically his experiences in life, and he was involved in some topics of his times like imperialism, fascism and communism and he also lived so many different experiences suffering the living conditions of the social classes of the workers of London and Paris and that's the way he increased his knowledge about his culture in India and in different cultures like the ones I just mention. So his books and all the things he wrote were about his experiences and the different cultures he saw so in that way he turn the culture into literature and in his book 1984 he created a very interesting new language which was only used in his book and only the people who read the book will understand so in this order of ideas I can say that here is so clear the Saphyr's theory because George wrote about culture, his experiences and when he wrote about all this stuff it become literature and in his book he include a new language so the culture become literature and the literature has its own language. Razz Razz Razz


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