Saphyr-Whorff theory in Eric Arthur Blair's Life

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Saphyr-Whorff theory in Eric Arthur Blair's Life Empty Saphyr-Whorff theory in Eric Arthur Blair's Life

Post by J.A. Fernandez P. 11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:39 pm

As we know, the Eric Arthur Blair's (Also know as George Orwell) literature has a heavy load of social critic, in which topics like imperialism, fascism and poor workers' life are included. But how we can evidence the Saphyr-Whorff theory in Mr. Blair life?
Taking into account the definition of culture of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language "Set of knowledge that allow someone to develop its critical judgement." We can say that our daily life experiences influence our culture, because they sculpt our way to see the world. Then we can say that if George Orwell had not lived what he lived, his literature would have changed, example of these is the book "Down and out Paris and London" published in 1933 which is a book of memoirs were he tells his experiences living almost like a beggar in these two cities, giving us a crude description of the life a poor person, also we got the book "Burmese days" publisehd in 1934, which is a novel based on the five years he lived in Birmany as an imperial policeman, were he shows his hate to imperialism. Or his experiences in the spanish civil war, were he was shot in the neck, and based on these he wrote "Homage to Catalonia" and published it in 1938.
So, if the literature of George Orwell had been different or had not exited either, the social impact it had would have not exited or have been different too, because the people would have not been able to know his point on the topics he wrote of and the way he showed his ideas in his writing,  and then the usage of words like "orwellian" or "Big brother" should have never existed or maybe they could have been changed by others.

These sequence of suppositions shows how the Saphyr-Whorff theory can be proved using Eric Arthur Blair's Life .

J.A. Fernandez P. 11A

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