George Orwell - Sapir Whorf Theory

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George Orwell - Sapir Whorf Theory Empty George Orwell - Sapir Whorf Theory

Post by JNEcheverryP11b on Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:03 pm

The Sapir Whorf Theory which is a hypothesis that shows the relation between three components (Language, Literature and Culture), those three components are very shown in Eric Arthur Blair's Life also known as George Orwell, a writer and a british periodist, in the most of his texts he talks about cultural problematics because in his childhood he experienced the life of the hard work against the nazis, so this is a big reason of why his texts talked about culture which this make that as he was Indian-british he had an own language, which he expressed all his thinkings by the literature he created for his public, and tis made him to create a successful book called "1984" that now is one of the universal books. In conclusion the Sapir Whorf Theory is always presented in George Orwell's life.


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