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Post by JSAmayaO11B on Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:50 pm

George Orwell is a very important man because he developed a very important role in the sapphire theory in his life he was involved in culture with the socialism in the literature because he created  very good books about experiences of his life and also because he was one of the most important essayist in the English language and in the language because he created something called the “BIG BROTHER” nowadays that word is so famous not only in England also in other parts of the world because his books, the people who knows about this tense knows that this tense is used in 2 of his books “Rebelión en la granja” and  “1984” he published this books in some of his last days, Orwell was in the second place of the most important writers of the united kingdom,  that makes that he can be recognized around the world


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