Saphyr-Whorff's Theory and George Orwell

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Saphyr-Whorff's Theory and George Orwell Empty Saphyr-Whorff's Theory and George Orwell

Post by DFardilaA11B on Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:51 pm

George Orwell, a journalist born in British India who was highly connected with the Saphyr-Whorff’s theory, starting from his professions where he applied the tree specific topics that are the base of this theory that establishes the relationship between language, literature and culture and how could anyone of these affect the other ones. George Orwell was a writer who highlighted in these tree topics, criticizing topics such as anti-facism and anti-stalinism, and writing about growing systems such as communism and socialism, in relation with the theory, he might wrote about war influences in social and global development, starting from british imperialism and his opposition to this supporting socialism as a better political system, and participating in spanish civil war in which his philosophy was to disappear facist ones, an ideology who affected european quality of life and thinking.


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