saphyr-whorff theory is evident in "george orwell"

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saphyr-whorff theory is evident in "george orwell" Empty saphyr-whorff theory is evident in "george orwell"

Post by JAovalleM11A on Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:53 pm

so we can start saying who was george orwell, george orwell or Eric Blairs Pseumolonym borns in motihari india in 1903 and die un london in 1934 he was a brithis writer . So we can se the theory evident in the thinks that he wrote because his basics topis of writing was anti-fascisim and anti-imperialisim the basics, and the theory of saphyr-whorff that are two mans, is that the culture base in laguage and language based in literatur this tres topics are related between them. we can evidenciate this teory because george orwell wrote thinks that happends in his countries the counties that he pass because all the countries has a diferent culture al language but mush of them suffer the fasicm or the imperialism.

we can evidenciate that george orwell wrote all the thinks that he can see and all so, all cultures and history that he read that the reason we can see that the theory is evident because all the history of the countires are in a book in that time and this is literaure and the literature write also in of culture, i dont now if george wants to read this books in his natal languaje or a book that are all ready translate but in the case that it happends we can see the three topic evidenciated in only one amaising author george orwell.

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