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Saphyr - whorff, George Orwell Empty Saphyr - whorff, George Orwell

Post by CGomezV11A on Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:25 pm

Eric Arthur Blair , 25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950 , Or as all people called him George Orwell was an English novelist , essayist , journalist and critic. He was one of the most important writers of the history, so much for his books, and for his way of thinking before the political and social problems that they existed and standing out in these moments, he always was defending his point of view with regard to the knowledge that he had of the matter, he managed to stand out with his books:” animal farm” and “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. In these two books he highlights enough the culture that existed in this time, with little fiction but was trying to be clear and precise in every aspect, the culture always is going to be present in his works, in the way of expression of agreement to the epoch and in agreement to the situation, for that of the language he I believe the own one for this book, trying to create something new with synonymous of words, joining cores of words, and certainly breaking the scheme that existed in that time. In George Orwell biography we can find clearly the “saphyr-whorf “ with every action that it has realized in his life, his culture led it to creating a language and the language took it directly to the literature


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