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Post by HDRochaD11B on Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:42 pm

The Saphyr theory is based on 3 very important strings

These 3 topic are related in a strong way, each of them need the other to "survive".
In Gorges Orwell's life he was lead from this theory in the way that his life was very strange and amazing in a way because he did a lot of things and he related with these 3 topics because of his writing he was already practicing a lot of literature and he wrote a lot of books he also created his own language in the book Neo-Language but to do or create all of these books he had to have a base of structure and that is when the 3 topic comes in Culture. I really think that culture is the most important of the 3 topics but don't get me wrong the 3 are really important. He used his cultural ways, what he experienced throughout his life and he then he pasted it in paper and all his experiences were evidenced like when he worked for the police he got a real perspective of culture and he started to critique stuff from his experiences and his point of view of what he lived.


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