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does the age determine how many knowledge do you have?

Age permit us determine how old or young you are. The state give us certain number depending on the day we were born that's something called civil register. It works as a classifying thing, but does the age changed someone thinking? that's what we will talk in this essays. Age let us know the differences in time, it’s not the same to say 2014 that 1994, here we can see a huge differences thanks to the classification of the year and the epoch that this lived. Each one of the epoch in all the world had something that might describe it, example; September 11, 2001, guess it?, yep twin towers fall, another one July 20, 1810, yes, indepences of Colombia, events that changed history are register and classificated during the time lapse in which it happens, that’s why most of the events are organized in chronologic way, just because it is more organized and easier to the eye to be oriented. Experience is a path through knowledge, it means knowledge and experience walk hand in hand, keeping each other along the way.

The big question here is “does the age determine how many knowledge do you have?” well, the main thing that changed someone way to see things is the experience, in the book 1984 in the first chapter we can evidence that Winston know how to prevented things or situations based on his experience or sawing how people deal with it. In life is necessary to be cautious, so the better way for been it, is detail everything in society, then act depending on what we saw, because it is important to know the limits that society put us for breaking the rules.

The support for my essay is divided into 2 ways, first some fact of Winston live and other facts of George Orwell in which saphyr concept enters. Why both sides even though they are different stories, sometimes writers turn their experiences in not the real thing that happens but it turn it into a different things with the same path, each situation of life can be write in whatever way you want to you can put your problems as big dinosaur that want to kill a fish or turn someone’s dead into the fallen of tree, literature is open to everything that the author wants to express there are no rules that stop you from using you capacity of imagine different situations of life. Now, in the book we can see how society threats them, life is just a game that can turn into game over you know, is just like a videogame, when you are at the end there are just to ways to finish the game, in game over or as a winner. Wiston start to write a kind of diary taking into account the thing he had experience not because he is older, society had told us that if you are more older you had gained more experience but here is not the case, as it is a weird society the experience is gain by events, he knows that he needs to take care of what he said because they can catch him and kill him, he knows he can offend or challenge the 4 ministries because if he dies it, is game over. The eyes of the big painting is watching him to prevent any craziest event, if you are intimidated never will you stay against somethings because you have fear. In George Orwell life experiences were gained in jobs or events, the gain of experience in the ambit of work is gaining more weapons to be cautious of the society attacks of the path that we have to travel and gather necessary resources to go through it. Culture is in charge of showing us the difficulties of the path so we can absorb any teaching. In this case Orwell absorb what he learn and put it in any context he wants to. Gaining knowledge from work let him write and be base on it some novels, saphyr theory also works here, he turn culture into literature which is great, that is why in some of his novels you can fine matching things, as it said in the following quote form its biography:
In 1928, Orwell moved to Paris and began a series of low paying jobs. In 1929, he moved to London, again living in what he termed \"fairly severe poverty." These experiences provided the material for his first novel, Down and Out in Paris and London, which he placed with a publisher in 1933. wrote:-cliffsnotes

Something that let us think the severe damage in that society was this completed phrases:


If the minitrue is a minister of truth how can it be possible that ignorance is strength?, knowledge is strength, some people can thing it is right, well, in some cases it works right but in a society each citizen will be carry on that thinking, just like robots, well maybe that what they want, but it just kill the soul of people adventure and all does stuff are forget in history, glory is just seen by the easiness.
The main arguments are the developing of Winston character and his environment, the place where the plot in manage or given is a place of war, a place where most of the bomb left a brand, the life of each citizen has a limit that society give them, express their point of view is not somethings you can do because you need to be afraid of it. They are monitored with a screen that don’t have a blind spot they put them in a way they can visualize everything, rebellion is not a possibility there because if you cheat on them you lose everything you are proud of. The fact that Winston write a kind of diary in which he would transmit everything he experience, let us thin that  the fact of zero free expression, zero happiness, and 100 of 100 doubts, sadness, madness, disgust and as many things you imagine. If age determine the quantity of knowledge we would be able to said that George Orwell doesn’t have the enough knowledge for writing takin into account the following quotes from his biography:
However, the young Orwell had a gift for writing, which he recognized at the age of just five or six. Orwell's first published work, the poem \"Awake Young Men of England," was printed in the Henley and South Oxford shire Standard when he was eleven years old. Orwell attended Eton College. Because literature was not an accepted subject for boys at the time, Orwell studied the master writers and began to develop his own writing style wrote:-cliffsnotes

From the time he began to write at the age of twenty-four, Orwell longed to capture the struggles of \"real" people, to live among the less fortunate, and to tell their stories. wrote:-cliffsnotes

Now in the book we can evidence some facts that determine how life in that time was, example:

You had to live — did live, from habit that became instinct — in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” wrote:-1984 (George Orwell)

In conclusion now a days people can opine about everything they want without getting into jail or without being kill something that as humans that think is bad and good, Bad because maybe the limits are gone so you are kind of free and good because by thinking society gains its improvements. Age can’t take possession of the knowledge because it is something that you need to interact with, learn from it, live it, Age can’t determinate how much do you have in your brain because you can stay in a routine from which you never gain something extra, and what is the point of having a routine? Just do the same every day, without been away of that world, without being conscious that life have many meaning and of course there is just one, but never someone can tell you that theres only one way to live it, it would be just invalid because actually age don’t determine how many knowledge you can receive and implement in your entire life lapse.

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It was funny to read the word "Dumba**" in your text, because it is absolutely out of tone with an essay, most of your essay contains really informal language.

The text follows a not-so-clear line but takes you to a point.

your grade is 7


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