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Many writers are influenced on what they have lived or what they have had to support and, to what I refer with " what they have had to support " It Is because unfortunately some writers did not live in an epoch or in one century as of nowadays where any world is more lax. Commonly in ancient times if they saw you reading a book more insurance was that they were beheading you. Reading was a disgrace, a sin, it was seen bad to the eyes of a people, of a company or of a world where what actually did not want was that the reality was appear out.
1984 is a novel by George Orwell written between 1947 and 1948 based on the totalitarianism and the oppression of the power, where you could not express anything of what you were feeling and if it seemed to you to be unjust alone you had to learn to live with it. The inhabitants had to follow a few strict procedure imposed by the Party and could not have any type of non-conformity, because it was a crime and the die for it.
Many laws prevent basic things, from this way the can control better the individuals and not allow them thinking for themselves .Hereby they assure the permanency of its dictatorship, but still there are some people who realize of what happens actually and must be taken, rehabilitated and murdered. At the head of the Party is located the Great Brother, whom nobody has seen in person, but whom they all venerate. The principal character, Winston Smith is employed at the Department of the Truth, which his work is everything opposite: to change the newspaper articles in benefit of the Party. Apart there are chambers that monitor you 24 hours to see that you do and what you do not and to supervise if anything is out of normal.
As usual it have been politics parties that are corrupt and treat of some way or other to suppress the people and manipulate them and make them be frightened, as the fear is the sense of distrust stimulates to believe in order for an opposite fact happened for what is wished clearly if they are afraid they are going to be controlled, another clear thing is that the human beings are afraid to the change, like the change can be positive or also negative it depends on the path that you take your decisions but as long as we know that there’s something wrong with our country or society with our family, our friends we do not search the change because we are comfortable even knowing that there is something badly like we do not find we don’t change other things, until which point we have to reach?
But why did not they want reality to be revealed, the truth? Why manipulate us Is it that a book that was written about 67 years ago still shows the truth to this day?

To start opening the eyes of the fantasy that our country has blocked up in our daily life that just tell us parts of the things that they want that we know. Some people really got quiet and just because they knew that if they spoke they were going to be alone, people are not going to have others to support them because of the fear, we all get to a point and this point Is 100 per cent controlled by the state, some people want to get far telling the truth of the manipulation that exercises the state, politicians and leaders, But the only way the same state can hush them is killing or making them go crazy.
In the same book 1948 they show us how Winston Smith is forced by his very work to change the sources and the reality of what the people or their country is living, histpooriase is developed in oceania where after a revolution against capitalism the state is Controlled by the big brother. They live in a world where there are no laws, but you go to jail when you do something that is wrong, and everyone knows that it can be done and not, and how long you can be in jail if you are caught. The language is changing forcibly, since there is a group of people who work in creating the so-called Neolengua. The purpose of the Neolengua is to satisfy the ideological needs of the Ingsoc. Therefore, the real objective of this language is to diminish the area of thought, that is to say, its intention is to prevent other forms of thought that may be contrary to the social order imposed by said ideology. They are in a war where people do not give or aware of what actually happens and if by some means want to protest or speak the government silent the mouth but it is dawning, killing them because unfortunately the government is not served by people who think that they realize things and can reach to transmit and teach what they have seen, political parties only want people pretending to be people because in reality what it means to be a person, to be a human being is to think and have wisdom and knowledge In his daily life, to know where he is walking and to know that he is going through that road, but I return and reiterate the government only wants "zombies" that are allowed to be manipulated and not fight for equality, much less for justice.
In 1948 as at present there are social classes. But in the book there are only two great social classes the GH and the proletariat, in addition are the slaves who are not considered part of society.
Within the GH, there is a division that is given by: inner party (upper class) and outer party (middle class). The latter are the most persecuted, observed at all times through screentv of his life and are analyzed. With regard to the proletariat, they were not watched because they considered them to be animals and ignorant, living in misery and had no rights, so they were eliminated if they were dangerous to the party. I see no great difference in how they define the proletariat in society and how they treat them today, are we going to deny that when a poor person speaks is ignored? But when a person of a high social class speaks everyone listens to him and tries to solve his problems in the shortest possible time and I do not blame the human beings for this battle that for so many years we have had to fight, and that for too many reasons we have Been victims of it, and is that now people do not do things because they originate is just because in reality they are born with a heart or a little respect or at least for the little humanity they have, but if they help a person only do to be good with the others and for people to have a good impression of you, do not be criticized for being bad "for the person who saw someone lying on the floor and passed next" or " watching a hungry person and being able to buy a piece of bread and you did not do it. " But as there is always hope, there is light in the dark, an answers when you were lost and people who do not give up so easy and I'm not saying that because they do not give up is that they do not touch live the same as the others , strict rules and see how unfair things happen and that nothing is done, but sometimes "the silence grants" and it is better to wait, be silent and move slowly cautiously finding people who agree with you and seek a revolution but as we all know and it is obvious a revolution is not done overnight it takes time and more than time people and with people I do not mean quantity but quality because actually we need the people who risk losing it all like Or a member of the Inner Party is the one who tells Winston that there is a "brotherhood" that is dedicated to promote the fall of the Party, reason why this and its followers are considered dangerous and traitors to the Revolution.
We need more people who take risks and accomplish his goals because already there are many cowards. Unfortunately some people became coward without trying nothing but that human beings that are more zombies that human beings are the ones who makes the world worst. That only criticize and are always nonconformist with anything. Human beings stand out of others because they can accomplish things that others cannot. We have to shine because if we do not shine we are not helping to improve we are just pieces of cells and atoms without goals without motivation and motivation are goals that inspire and move us.


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There is no clear sequence of ideas, and no clear conclusion in the text. your grammar and punctuation are sufficient to transmit ideas, yet with no order, they do not deliver.

your grade is 6


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