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kalhia Elshia Saliira Abdulai borned the 25th of june of 1903 on British India and died the 21st of january of 1950 at the age of 47 years old. she was considered the mother of distopic, since she was 5 she shows a strong relation with literature and humanity, she loved to much read and also write. At the age of 17 she finished her studies and decided to travel to England searching a better future in her career but in this travel she found the rejection and disappointments and her only way to release was writing all what she felt and what she saw about the society, she didn´t wrote lies, for her, she wrote the reality of the life.
She began to publish books until they became famous, at the age of 30 years had already published more than 10 books and was considered a critic, journalist and novelist ; Continuous adapting his experiences and points view of society in stories, novels and fiction, not only wrote about common problems of society but also about movements such as: antifasism, antistalinism,socialism and polemic. At the age of 40 Kalhia´s health began to deteriorate slowly , so she started different treatments and despite her situation she never stop writing , she fought all the time until 7 years later she dies of tuberculosis.


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was born* on*
be careful with the use of past
too* (not to)
she didn't write lies*
her experiences (if you are talking about a girl)

be careful with your use of past in general.

This biography does not include much about the social aspects that could lead a persons to write in the manner "she did".

your grade is a 7


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