Arthur Blair's Biography & Saphy-Whorff theory

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Arthur Blair's Biography & Saphy-Whorff theory Empty Arthur Blair's Biography & Saphy-Whorff theory

Post by PAMartinezA11 on Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:40 pm

As he was a writer his work produces an impact on the language because now a days the adjective <<Orwelliano>> is used as reference to the distopic universe also in his language i could say that every writer has their own way to tell the things, one example of Farm rebelion but we can compare us as them

In his work he is recognaized about the critiques that he made but what would happen if he was born in other country and with another family, i think that the things that make us the way we are, is what we saw in our daily life, the people that are near also our econimical position, so if he was born in a different situation probably he would not be a writer or he writes would be about another topic, so the culture, the religion, the people, etc you learn and saw since you are a kid influences in your thinking even if you learn and prefer other things those initial thinkings will stay with you all your life but with a new knowledge.

Also we can see in his work the dystopias (fictional society) we can see a political dystopia with his work 1984 and thanks to this work now a days theres an example and a base to the dystopia genre.


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