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1984 is a very important book this book was published on June 8 of 1949, Orwell’s writes this book between 1947 and 1948 but he starts writing on 1944, when Orwell’s have the idea to write a book he was confused or he don’t know what will be the names book because he was between “THE LAST MAN IN EUROPE” OR “1984” nowadays we know what he decide in that moment but the think we have to know is why he decide to put “1984” and not “the last man in Europe” and the answer is easy is because he and his literary agent thinks that “1984” was an interesting name because in that time Orwell’s was trying to talk about the future so that was an interesting thing for people and this cause that people buys this book, nevertheless no one knows the origin of the book titles so that means no one knows why Orwell’s was thinking in 1984 ok we know that he thinks in that year but why exactly that year and no 1989 for example so that is an interesting data of this book that makes the book more interesting.
Orwell’s write this book in a political way we have to remember that Orwell’s was an important part of the totalitarianism, the totalitarianism is a politic autonomy regime of a person or a group that tries to control all the life aspects, Orwell’s was a man like this he said that he was a politic writer and he goes all the time taken by hand the totalitarianism because Orwell’s always was thinking in a world that is so far to be the world that would be and that might be and for that reason most of his works were based on politics in 1984 we found a word or a sub name that is the “BIG BROTHER” this is a word that probably is used around the world because this word Supplements the politics characters that have the power like the boss that controls all the society that all the time is looking It, so there is big controversy because he is talking about a world that is not a real world and that is no so far or so near to be that world so is an important thing to discuss because he is showing a world controls by politics but in a extreme level because in that world the word freedom doesn’t exists, Orwell’s shows that in 1984 in this book we found that always is talking about politics always is in contact with that so he is showing a point of view that includes parts of a world that doesn’t exist this influence a lot in the cultural part because he also talks about socialism, the socialism is a politic system that tries to have a social organization in which exists politic, social and economy equality and that is something that we can find in the real world, obviously is not all the world but we know what happen or what is the goal of the socialism
Like we already know by the historical part of the book the book is composed in a political way but like I already said there are many points of view and so many different thinks about how will be a perfect society because the book is showing us a type of society but in this type of society we can see that freedom doesn’t appears so in that type of society all are control by a big brother so the personal things of a human doesn’t exist so I ask can a person live in this way? For this question we can have so many answers but it depends of what type of person is because a person is form by religion by values by things that happened around and of people of the surround, so in a society we can find many different ways in which a person can live the life but also there are many things in common that all humans have some necessities like in the part of physiology: breath, alimentation, time for rest, in the part of the security: physical security, private property, health in the part of membership: friendship affection and sexual privacy. Also something that all humans need is respect but we think that in the society that describes Orwell in the book based on the principal character Winston Smith we can think that the people that composed that society have all of this necessities I think that no because like we know in the book appears something called telescreen that is a device which shows all movements that make the people on that society so for that reason the BIG BROTHER always is looking at the telescreen in this part we can see that many of the necessities and human beings are Violated by the other hand by looking by the part of the government we can see that is a very good idea because the people that conform the society always is going to be controlled that makes that people all the time make good things or maybe the things that the government imposed so automatically the society will be better but we know that in the real world things are not completely but can culture change the human necessities? We can see that the culture is a very important thing for human because like I said that is the thing that forms a person in the real world we can find many culture and if we see the people that live in each culture can survive in their culture, we know that each person have different thinking’s because some things that can be normal for some people maybe for others no, each culture have their own ritual and in some times that rituals are not the most normal around the world but we can see that people adapts to that ritual or to that culture and with this change the believes of the people so maybe in “1984” the people of the story was already adapt to that things so we can create a perfect society or culture? Maybe not because we never are going to be agree with the things that maybe other people wants but first we have to know more about the structure of a culture for crate one like in 1984 like we can see this is a book that surround us in all points of the life, a culture is based or has a structure that divides in two parts the material culture and the spiritual culture in the part of the material culture we found things like industrial and technological products in 1984 we find that all of this products makes in favor to the government because all the time the government controls the society in this case a very good example of this are the telescreens because like I said the big brother all the time was watching at them that the citizens make the things like the government wants that is like a dictatorship and a totalitarianism point of view in which we see that the part of the industrial and technological products is controlled by the BIG BROTHER and is taken a big part of the culture and the spiritual culture has the science and the religion and in this part we see that also the government has the control because in all the story the government imposed something and that things are like the good ones so automatically is controlled the believes of the citizens because in this case the BIG BROTHER is playing with the brain of the people creating the other part of the culture so like we can see the people on the story is adapt to the culture that BIG BROTHER wants, but also we found that the principal character Winston goes in the contrary way, so he is not agree with that and the same thing pass with Julia but we can found how humans things different but is like a little culture inside a big big culture and that are things that pass in the real life but in the case of the book is too difficult to take this think to the outside because there is a dominant culture imposed to the people so there is no escape and the people have to adapt to that culture and with the time this culture is going to have more and more power so we can see how the culture have the power to change a human.
In the economic part that tells the story also we can find a big big part for discus which we found two sides the side of the government and the side of the citizens this part is too similar to the part of the culture because we see how other time the government does whatever they want so in this case the people that composed the society is working for government, and in this part we can find that the corruption is around the government because like we see Winston and some of the friends that work on the system the only thing they do is to change the numbers and keep the system reality and with that the people doesn’t know about what is happening inside the government so we can see how the corruption develops a very important role in the way in which government imposed, in the real world also we see and we know that inside the politics there is a lot of corruption and that is something that we can find in any type of government but in the case of the book the corruption is in a extreme level and we can imagine how the society of the story live they are living like in a jail a big big jail in which all the time someone is control you and looking what are you doing so you are working for other people in the case for the BIG BROTHER and all the economic part is in favor on the government.
After we see this of how the story is developed and the big role that the politics has in this story and in the George Orwell life we can see how the human is, what are their necessities what a human need to have a good life quality and how culture is formed so we evidence different point of views of a government and the two sides the BIG BROTHER and the citizens that live like in a jai and we also evidence the power that have a government to create a culture and also to change how a human thinks and how George Orwell’s in all his life was involved in politics and how the totalitarianism developed an big role in his life making or Inspiring he to write a book that in that age was about the future so is so interesting how he was creating a world so far to the real world but that contains parts of the real world so is so interesting see that mixture based on politics and based on parts of the history creating a world that anyone expected or wants in which the “BIG BROTHER is watching you” George Orwell.


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impossible to read if there is not even a single comma. 3 is your grade


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