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“No. Don’t come up to me until you see me among a lot of people. And don’t look at me. Just keep somewhere near me.” George Orwell, 1984, pg;113
There are many topics that the book has since I have read it; one of the most important for me is the freedom which people have been privatized of it since they come to the world, that means that they are not allowed to grow by them self but they have to grow up with the thoughts that Big brother wants put in the people, and that’s why Winston and Julia are prisoners, because they have the power of thinking by their own. The only loyalty people have to have is only to the state, even though if they defend their family they are going to kill them, like Winston’s mother, after all that he happened with their family the only feeling he is passing through or suffering is pain and fear, when he was with his mother the only thing he felt was love and friendship, and in exchange of that he have telescreens in his floor so, he is constantly observed every step he takes everything they do is manage, they cannot even thinking about one crime because of the fear they have to though polices which they and the party deem thinks that individualism is a crime, the worst crime, in some words they show what is the government doing with us currently , how is controlling us, and how they lie to us hiding some evidence of history for us to know the truth, and they are controlling us so much as they control Oceania and even more, and the part that the same people is helping them to control us .
The book is developed in one environment dark and that causes the wanted of dead like there is nothing to live for in Oceania, and what causes this environment? Since they are born in Oceania people though to don’t have any emotions, they only could have love for Big Brother, and that the topic I was mentioning before, that they wasn’t allowed to love, and that’s why in the book they have an environment which is so bored and depressing, and adding that the shortage of people needs, like for example one of the most mentioned topic is the chocolate, the chocolate remind Winston the thing that he regrets from the past, the chocolate reduced their ration to thirty percent to twenty, besides that the buildings that are damaged makes the environment look worse. But talking about love when they grow up they only care of big brother what’s more big brother doesn’t care of anyone existence, they only care3 about themselves and who’s betrayed them, like for example when Winston finds a photo of three men leaders of a revolutionary group weren’t murdered by big brother but they still are alive and weeping, the reason we don’t know it yet. Big Brother wanted new people on their community so they didn’t took sex as an act of love despite an act of reproduction so for the people that works at the party they weren’t allowed to love somebody or to have sexual relations with them but by the act of reproduction they saw the future of their party the development of it so in that case It was acceptable. So the love didn’t exist on people because if it exists it have to be only for big brother for no one else, and they have to show respect too, the other feelings that they could express to other people was fear and cheating .
The thing is that I thin k that people at least need to unburden themselves with something and that at least one person somebody listen to them and suggest what he could do, but in Oceania they didn’t have at least someone like that or at least thinking about someone who could help, for instance, right now is happening something to Venezuela they are making revolution and government its killing them only for protesting, not by the best way, but with which other way it could be, if government didn’t listen to them before happening all these. The other thing I say is that why kill them, why not talk with them and try them to understand, the thing is that Big Brother is selfish like this governments in world, there is not so much difference between this world and Oceania, and is not only their fault but ours too, because we let them control us and even though we they are lying us and some knows it we continue keeping silence because of fear, like Winston does, and everyone knows that government are following us and every step we take as result of that we are not being free.
But what we differentiate of Winston is that we don’t work in government and he does, although we don’t work in the government we know everything and secrets of them, not each secret but a part of them, but Winston who works on Records Department in the Ministry of Truth, rewriting and distorting history, knows all everything, Winston is someone who is tired like us, Winston is someone who is afraid like us, so like I was taking Venezuelan example before they are thin king in a different way why?, because after living a good life with Chavez, they start suffering with Maduro, but which the real point here, people are dying because of food, because they are being murdered, because thinking in a different way, but in all of this I think that love is the only thing that earth difference to 1984, although right now I think there are bigger problems that love, but at least there is love in this world.

Although Oceania is a state which is constantly in war, and by war I’m saying an individual war a war which is taking two parts if saying what they think and not saying it a war with you and the real you, it’s a constantly war but always it seems to win the part of don’t tell anything to anyone but yourself, so when a person arrives into that part they think they are living in peace with themselves and the rest of the world, but it’s not truth because it comes the part when you get tired of thinking in yes or no, Winston is someone who is tired but its tired with fear.
Yesterday I was watching a movie called, “blood diamond” which is about a miner in Sierra Leone which a group of terrorists takes the child and creates in their minds that they are fighting for their country and when they do this they are creating hate revenge and resentment when Salomon father of Dia saw him in that group he try to kill him, and that happens in 1984 when they only have sex for reproduced when the baby born they create the image of no love in the world, even though they fell it they cannot show it, because they have controlled their mind in such a case that they don’t even fell love for themselves, so taking into account that when Julia faints I thinks that was only because she wants that Winston saw the note that says “I LOVE YOU” so in that moment they felt love because in al chaos they found for the first time someone who wasn’t that distinguished of them, so in that moment they felt love for each other.
Now comes the part of the utopia, in the book they show is like an utopia but we all know for the moment that we pass the first chapter that is a perfect dystopia, but people of Oceania thinks that it’s a perfect utopia because “they are in peace” when is not like that they are only being controlled with lies, but they don’t know that they are controlled and worse with lies, so in that part we could defend them because they have no awareness of what government is doing, but I cannot defend when people say that they are happy because when we star to see each detail that the book have for example when Julia comes with stuff like coffee, bread, milk, tea and other stuff that she gets with the black market, like in current, when we talk about why do we have to do things bad for filling up our necessities and why is it take like something bad, if its human necessity, is something that we cannot live for,
What’s more that they are not good ways of living, they aren’t capable of living a normal life, because in the case of Venezuela they don’t have the choice of living happy if they don’t have something to eat, because government the only thing is creating if hate an revenge.
In Colombia we live with fear, since little we are mentalized that we cannot go out hiding our valued objects because we can be killed only because of that and defending something material, we could die; what I want to say is that George Orwell shows how all people in one moment of their life have fear, and is because they create that feeling since we are little since we start to grow they tell us don’t do this because it may happened this to you, so in 1984 they show us if you think this something bad is going to happened to you; we are hurt if someone of our social circle dies but in 1984 they feel the pleasure of someone dying and they feel that pleasure because they betray Big Brother, but if right now someone dies in Venezuela their families is going to hurt but for the one who died becomes a new life, because dead is the better road to freedom.
One of the topics I would like to mention is the “own life”, which they don’t have, they are only robots of state, if we notice the part that says think for ourselves, themselves, is illegal so what’s the point of being, what’s the point of calling them people, if the reality is that they are robots; they have no feelings they are not allowed to love, to feel something because its illegal. And why does this happens? Because government eliminates every signal of historic moments, and this could be any type of literature, literature in many ways, for the big brother, show revolution and what causes revolution, downfall, but they don’t even notice that they are in war right now, that they are in war with their own people, the fact that they have 2 minutes of hate, that causes war, and what does the book contains? So many problems in society that at it seems at my point of view they aren’t that far from reality in this moment, the only thing that differs from right now is the fact that in this moment they are lying to us, and in 1984 they are looking forward them and the people knows that they are being monitored.

So as a conclusion I may say that we could see how this government is slowly taking away the humanity that consist in feelings and in autonomy thoughts , with the fear and cheating, they’re making us transform in machines that don’t feel, they are making us robots ,this acts are moved because the advantage that this “lords” without face are having over the town is bigger that we could ever imagined , but this is because we don’t want and we don’t know how to see the truth, this could be called ignorance and negligence, by our part , but why being so hypocrites ? We are complaining about the government, but what are we doing with this problem? Because of the fear because government they have frightened us; we are complaining by this and by that, but what is your solution? Like government is doing making every person in the world have fear, have strength to face problems whichever is it.



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