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Firstly in this essay will refer to two big topics, one of them that is the biggest one is the love, the second topic is the freedom that going to be related with the biggest topic that is the love, in the second part we going to related these two topics with the book of George Orwell, 1984, will talk about the love because in the  first part of the book is mentioned the love that  existed between the protagonist, Winston and his wife Katharine, Katharine and Winston lasted very little time because Katharine was really  strict with the rulers of the Big brother's party, and one of the rulers of the Big brother's party is to don't feel love, the only reason to be with another person was solely for the reproduction, in the course of the story Winston found a special person called Julia, who start a couple of thing between them like meeting in different places to not avoid suspicion, but one day Winston saw a Julia in her work and Julia pretend to fall down to give him a note to say " I love you" and that note change all between them, Julia and Winston start to meeting more frequently, Winston rented a small place that was a store of Mr. Charrington that is an old man, this store is the only place to do not have access to a control screen and there are their meetings. The reason for talking about love and freedom is because in the story do not know what it is love and freedom, and also personally I think that they do not feel love because they do not feel and do not live the freedom all the time are control and manipulated. 
What is the love? The definition of love according to the dictionary is: Feeling of intense emotional and sexual attraction towards a person with whom one wishes to share a life in common, and what is the freedom? The freedom definition according to the dictionary is: State or condition of the person who is free, who is not in jail or subject to the will of another, nor is it constrained by an obligation, duty or discipline, and each one of these definition tell us the injustice that is lived in the book 1984, personally the love is live differently in each person the love should be a force that can join to people that no matter what occurs be together and ready to face things if Winston loves Julia no matter what occurs with the rulers of the Big brother, the love is a experience "The love that it could die was not a love"- (Could you be loved?, Bob Marley, 1980) with this phrase of Bob Marley the love that die is not love with this part we can say that the reason for the love could die is the lack of freedom, they cannot express what they feel all the time are in a constant control, in a part of the definition said about the sexual attraction I think that this part of the love, is when two people delivery all to the other person, not is only a scientific action with the purpose of the reproduction. The freedom is when you can choose your destiny when you are able to fight for your rights, if only Winston's mind were free he could fight for love and his rights, "If you do not have inner freedom, what other freedom do you hope to have?"- (Arthur Graf, 1547- 1616) Nobody can know about our thoughts, that could be the weapon of Winston, Being free of his mind could be devised a way to be completely free and to be able to love. 
It could say that the freedom all human acts, because the freedom makes the human being do whatever activity that he wants, when you not are free because you fulfill any desire that another wants, becomes a shadow or soldier of that someone and when you are cloudy for a big force nobody in the world can help you because nobody gives you a freedom you are the one who looks for it or does it, so free your mind to free yourself, I saw the love like a form of freedom because is a expression that you want to show with the rest of the world and for that reason nobody can prohibit something like that, the love is a stage that cross the human in any part of his life is something when you saw that person and the first thought that you have is the special that he or she is, it is that feeling when that person moves your world, absorb all the positive things that you have inside and give you more of that positive energy, is a free moment that you have the decision to share those things with other person, but is better when the other person feels the same for you, Julia show to Winston in a note the love that she feels for him and that minimum reason is the best arm to combat with that big force that cloudy his freedom, the love is a autonomous development that carry inside all the feelings like are: happiness, sadness, disappointment, rage and that special and unique feeling that is to feel satisfied with that person in your life, is that feeling when the love and freedom united, and you realize that without realizing without looking for someone appears and feels that freedom to feel something unique and to know that you will have to experience a thousand things when these two things come together, and a feeling of this magnitude cannot be forbidden by a political party and that summarize a feeling like this in something of reproduction only, The Big brother can not be such a selfish person to quiet them all a freedom so much so is the control in the book 1984 that there are screens to operate them and there are police of the thought in this book 1984 there is no freedom or love are all followers of stupid rules that they themselves are limiting, the way to be free of their thoughts to later be able to free their bodies, will be that they are losing hope, or have hope of one day being released, have come to imagine a day to arrive in their beds and think that there is no more to hide in that they can be free, in which no ministry will be supervising them to know what they do, how they behave, or stop thinking how to hide raise suspicions and not be punished, the injustice is other of the thousand bad things that exist in this hypothetical world of 1984,"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life." (Bob Marley, Exodus- Redemption song, October,1980), Promotes the liberation of people from their own mental impositions, this phrase said in a song by Bob marley is perfect to Winston is so tied in his mind, he knows that he is against all these rules that this party of the Big brother, has a mental imposition to be fully released, this phrase of Bob Marley said in this song that all the citizens have to liberate themselves to the oppression of the leaders of Jamaica in that time, he promoted the liberty of his people but Bob Marley could not give them so for that reason he advised that they leave their mental attachment to be free in body and soul, just as Bob Marley did on his beloved island now that Winston already knows and this meets the Big Brother party rules, why they do not promote freedom and leave those ties in their minds and help the opaque city of Oceania, looking for this a common good for all to have a freedom and to be able to make a life without rules and restrictions?. 
A dictatorship begins when someone wants to take power and begins imposing their own rules on a people but this is continuous when someone does not stop this dictatorship continue and taking ahead the rights and privacy of each individual more even when someone from the people decides to join to something like this, to unite accepts the impositions that the dictator is taking, for this reason is that it is necessary to speak so as not to be victims of an oppressor and to be able to continue with a freedom that did not have to be removed. 
Recapitulating, love and freedom are two things that are united one produces the development of the other so that the development of each stage of the life of the human being is given, freedom is a right that should not be removed because no one Is in the position of granting it if you are free of the mind you are free of your actions and body, and being free of your mind and body will have a space to feel feelings, as is love that feeling that carries feelings, as I have said previously, relating these two things to the situation of Julia and Winston in the book 1984 George Orwell, the control they live that do not even let them free their mind to feel love, having to hide so as not to arouse suspicion and not know what to do when on a note say the phrase "I love you" and have to re-read it to believe that in such a situation so opaque may have someone like Julia to show their feelings towards Winston. 
Taking into account the recapitulating, I will start the conclusion of the essay, while I was writing about the things between love and freedom and comparing it with the situation that occurs in the book of George Orwell and his characters Winston and Julia, I realized that at the beginning of my essay I wrote that there would be two topics which are freedom and love and that the big or main topic would be the love and the second theme would be freedom and in the course of the development of the essay I realized that freedom is the big or main topic and that within this topic comes the love for what has been said before to have freedom in mind and body there, the love and the rest of the feelings that this brings appear, I realized this when I quoted the phrase of Bob Marley that touches the subject of freedom in its song "Redemption song", and later when I put the textual quote about the love I knew that without freedom there is no love because when you are not free you do not feel and you do not have as the commitment to not let love die with the activities that you have in mind and to know that Julia gave the first pass of showing her feelings made me understand that  in his mind and soul is free wanted to demonstrate what she feels, while Winston only in a journal writes what he thinks but does not act as did Julia to prove what she feels for him, perhaps Julia's action was minimal but she did and how I said it before that should be the weapon to liberate a country obscured by the shadow of a selfish and controlling leader, While a whole people continued to allow them to control the big brother continued to expand their desires until they got cops of thought to continue with control and as no one ever claim their freedom all followed the leader, the leader not only guides them as their soldiers to The shadow of the man who also controls what they think, invades their privacy and takes away their feelings and imposes only sexual relations as a purpose to create more machines to continue making their desires with a people. 


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