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Love as a political act- Angie Garay 11-B Empty Love as a political act- Angie Garay 11-B

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In the book 1984 Gorge Orwell creates a society which is guided by some principal and unchangeable ideas in which all this dystopian reality goes around, since the beginning of the text we can analyze  by mean of that totalitarian regime how basically all individual desire is inconceivable and how humans are always oppress by something bigger, that is not called “Big Brother” is called “FEAR” and this is the reason why the society in Orwell’s narration is as it is, and that is also exactly what  we live in a real and not factionary life nowadays.
Historically many events have been a consequence of the fear and the cowardice of some people that were living afraid to raise their voices against what is not right, “Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”  -Orwell, G (1949). and that is what is leading humanity to its own destruction, because the ones with the ability to do something are not conscious of it, and those who are conscious and struggle for an ideal never live to see the result of their actions, we want a change but we are not able to rice our voice and search it because of the fear, because we are living in the society of the double moral, of the doublethink.
Orwellian society is a view of what would happen if the power falls into the wrong hands and the wrong minds, the minds that proclaim peace under de name of war, that proclaim freedom by mean of slavery, and proclaim ignorance being sure that that is strength; that minds that control people by mean of three principal methods: The fear, the manipulation, and the hate; the ones that I will be developing through this text.
George Orwell in the book 1984 shows to the reader that it does not matter how dark seem to be the things, there will be always something that makes you find hope in the middle of the most turbulent situations, in the case of the book is the love, when Julia arrives to Winston’s life and despite all the bad things around him, he finds hope by mean of love.
In every aspect of the life is easier to handle a society with fear because the fearful people are those who act easier under the influence of others and when people live with fear will never obtain the freedom that they are dreaming with, we can see this in Orwell’s story when he shows us how since the moment in which you get up of the bed you are living with fear because they manipulate every single detail of your life, the things that you eat, the material that you see on TV, your work and in other words everything that happens in your life.
We can see that everything out of Orwellian reality is also control by mean of fear, people act guided by fear, nowadays we are afraid of almost everything, we fear death, wars, natural disasters, and every new and different detail that is presented, we fear change and this complicates people and causes them to stagnate in a place where it is not possible to move forward, and when you are stuck in one place your thoughts and ideas are also stuck in a place in which is not possible to scape.
Other aspect that is important to take into account and is important to analyze is the manipulation and how in both, the society raised by Gorge Orwell and in the current reality is present as omnipresently as the "Big Brother", this is the manipulation, and nowadays exist almost infinite ways in which a bigger being is able to control you, this goes by the hand of the fear but this occurs mainly by mean of the oppression of the communication media as Benito Juarez said: "The emission of ideas by the communication media must be as free as it is free in human beings the faculty of think"  (-), and in the moment in which the ideas shown through the radio, the television, the newspapers, etc, are manipulated  our faculty of think is delete and our ideas begin to be manipulated by those who are not agree with reality coming to light, by  those that we can call "The Ministry of Truth". A perfect example of oppression in the book is by mean of the newspeak because when someone starts to manipulate your language is capable to manipulate your mind and every single idea that is inside your mind, until the point in which you could believe everything that someone says to you.
We can see that the human answer to the oppression sadly is not to fight for finding equality and a fair treatment, in most of the cases the human response is untie all that feels through something, in Winston’s case it is by mean of words by mean of them he expresses everything that he is not able or he does not dare to shout, and this is what Gorge Orwell proposes in his book, because in the middle of a dark situation, humans search a way to eject all what they are feeling.
The other method that George Orwell shows in which people can be control  in his book is by mean of the hate, because someone with rancor is able to do everything that someone else orders to him, regardless of whether this is against others or against himself, and this is the reason why in the dystopian Orwellian reality a daily ration of hate is needed, in order to make people more manageable as we can see in the next quote  “A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge-hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one's will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic”  -Orwell, G (1949). Here we can see how people were influenced by that absurd practice.
But the most interesting thing I could find in this book is to see how love can become the most revolutionary of all acts because it is by mean of love that we can surpass all the frontiers of oppression, of fear, of hate, of an absurd regime that control each detail of our life, by mean of love we can find a flash of hope in the middle of the worst situations. The story between Julia and Winston is the perfect example for showing that humans used to search calm in the middle of the storm, a lot of people think that to feel love is not more than an absurd way for finding shelter in the wrong place, or that love is only a distraction of what is really important, but I think that this is the main reason why nowadays is normal to give a rude word instead of a hug, and this way of thinking does not do something else than feed the daily ration of hate in the people, and this is something that must change in nowadays society, and is what is shown by mean of this book, because as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels said: “Love is fundamentally an attribute of the human being”  (1844) and it is not correct to change this attribute into hate, and that is what we see in this book, because for Julia and  Winston was not possible to feel love without feeling fear.
In a society like the one that Orwell creates does not exist the faculty to express love because by mean of love the human being is able to see somethings that are hidden and that is only possible to see when you look through other eyes, because there exist things that the human being does not comprehend, and to see that is necessary to comprehend the worldview of another person.
By mean of love people is able to show their instinct, the passion an all those things that happen when you feel love, and this does not suit anybody because at the moment when all those instincts come to light it is more likely that the human being becomes aware of the things that are wrong and revealed against that “Not merely the love of one person but the animal instinct, the simple undifferentiated desire: that was the force that would tear the Party to pieces.”  -Orwell, G (1949)
To feel love in the middle of the dark path in which we are in, in the middle of a society in which the most important thing is the selfish and individual thinking is a totally revolutionary act, because to have the ability of search a piece of hope nowadays in the middle of all the fear, the oppression and the hate that we are living is a good example of how to create a really significant revolution against the ones that have the power, “Their embrace had been a battle, the climax a victory. It was a blow struck against the Party. It was a political act.”  -Orwell, G (1949), a total revolutionary act.
In every dark situation it does not matter how much hate, fear and rancor want to instill a higher entity humans will always find a way to escape of that, whether fighting, writing, singing, painting or loving, but each person is able to make a revolution in his own way by mean of small details that show that even in the middle of the dark, there will always be hope and there are still people willing to do it.

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