Sapir-Whorf hypothesis evidence in Orwell's biography and book

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Sapir-Whorf hypothesis evidence in Orwell's biography and book Empty Sapir-Whorf hypothesis evidence in Orwell's biography and book

Post by JARodriguezF11A on Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:43 pm

Starting from culture, Orwell wrote 1984 (his most recognized novel) based on his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, as 1984 is a extrapolation of comunism and fascism; a novel with distopies inside his cultural context. Therefore, culture created literature as he would not have written something without an inspiration, and his ideals and opinions about a culture in which he lived gave him either the encouragement or inspiration for writing a novel about that.
As follows, 1984 introduced words such as "Big Brother", a name that people currently use for references for an omniscient and vigilant being, also like the Room 101. Concepts that had (and have) made a change to the point that merely fictional words created language somehow, that later would be used barely (but used) by people to specifically appeal to that definition or, just for talk about the book.
Then, we find that 1984, as created language, also created culture, because literature may change someone's thought since the moment they read, and culture is basically a set of knowledge in a group. So literature might change they way a person thinks, and therefore its behavior. In Orwell's case, reading to Jack London, Arthur Koestler, etc., inspired him too, just like he did with 1984.
As a conclusion, Sapir-Whorf hypothesis can be evidenced in every context; literature, culture and language are related to everything. We read, we think and we communicate, and a step open the way to another step, just like these 3 concepts. Also, as "language determines thought", all of this is possible.

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