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“If all records told the same tale then the lie passed into history and become truth” (Orwell, 1949, pg34) 1
Is very interesting to read 1984 and realize that the reality that is shown there, is not so far from ours , we can relate Winston’s life with ours, nowadays in many countries they are practically applying the same that dose apply Big Brother, we do not notice it but through our technological development, they are watching, controlling, and making us destroy more and more other people that have direct effect in the social relationships. Also we can relate this with the political violence, because governments and organizations take advantage of their power and influence.
Freedom of expression its part of the human rights, liberty suppose that all the humans have the rights of expression without been harassed, but many people and countries do not have the freedom of expression, even so many of us, have a misconception of what is freedom, the freedom that we think we have is false, everything around us takes us to the same place be controlled by the political and religious dogma.
Political and religious dogma can control everything because a simple thing as domination of media, they can change the version of the real news and transform it as they want as happens in 1984, “Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie” (Orwell, 1949, pg. 40,41)2. If we take into account what says Winston, people with this kind of power can change the reality and also affect the perception that certain people has of the world, even worst change what was part of the past and what comes to future.
This bring me to mention some cases nowadays were we find dogmas and political violence, before mention them we have to know that the political violence is attributed to one purpose related with the power, here are involved the parties, organizations, governments and institutions. This violence cause phenomenon since and against governments, this can be interpreted as accident or catastrophe because the violence is take as an excess of force and with it, are make processes of social integration and disintegration, these mechanisms exclude many people.
First let’s talk about our own case Colombia, were are going to see it as the political violence, along the years always had existed differences between the perspective of seeing the world and the biggest consequence has been the problem of the violence in our country, because it has different ways of operation it can affect every single person in any way, firstly we have to know that of the mechanism in which was control Colombia cause that between parties wanted to have the power of taking decisions, and the same reveal against the government.
We can evidence that the differences of parties, companies and processes influence in the Colombian society in a negative way, people join to an ideological war, where many people die defending their point of view, this also happens in 1984 were many people don’t support the continuous ideas of the government, and at the end of both cases people die or simply disappear, because they think in something that goes against what government tells.
“Thought crime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.” (Orwell, 1949, page, 28)3. This quote represents the situation of Syria, all of the war of Syria had started because the people that were against Al Assad want to bring down his government and the supporters only defend the horrible things they make, is really sad to see how people let that others control their mind in the easiest way, and at the end they finish supporting a leader like Al Assad, all the conflict that we know and that still happens is only for that reason. All of this started because of some simple graffiti that has a rebel significate, this was made by fifteen children; these children were tortured, people react and started a manifestation. What happen to people that was against them (Regime of Al-Assad? “The police start to take advantage of their power and mistreating, enclosing and shooting those who marched, the ones that survive continue and they demanded the surrender of Al-Assad” (Villa,2017)4.
Nowadays, is suspected that the regime is responsible of some attacks with chemical bombs or arsenal, because in the sectors that were attacked, there were many rebels. “Chemical weapon attack on rebel-held Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib providence in NW 4 April killed over 80 people” (Crisis group, April 2017)5, some countries say that the regime was responsible of this attack, Russia that is an allied of the regime negate this accusation, “Regime or Russian warplanes dropped incendiary bombs over towns of Sarageb in Idlib and al-Latamenah in Hama 8-9 April and reportedly hit two medical centers in Idlib 27 April.”, “Israeli airstrikes 27 April hit Damascus airport operated by Hezbollah, allegedly targeting arms sent from Iran… at least 95 fighters and civilians killed…”(Crisis group, April 2017)6. As we can evidence the violence is getting worst; in this moment the country is stablished in a Risk alert. Many people are escaping of the country and searching for a place where people receives them.
The constant violence that they have to affront is very hard, because many innocents are dying, most of them are kids, that at their age are supposed to be only worrying and asking what is going to be the next game, mom what you made for dinner, but instead them and the civils are living with fear, and they worry about where they are going to hide from the bombs, thousands and thousands of people die per each month, and within the year the situation get worst, and more dying reports appear.
I believe and think that the only thing that can work out, at this point, is that all important exponents that are involved with this wars of each country talk to solve the conflict that they are affronting, not with violence, not with lies, not by with believing rumors of others, not wanting to kill every single innocent; only with in their minds that solving their conflicts can make the country gets better with the time, that it become as beautiful as it was before.
This war is not only because of going against Al-Assad, this war is also because of the difference of religion, the group that we know as ISIS want that everyone becomes and support the Sunni Islam, they declared their religious authority, and go against any person that is Muslim and Christian, they have and extreme way to show what happens to the ones that are Christians or Muslims and do not support them, they make videos in which is shown the decapitation, burned and hung of many people, even kids that do not have complete knowledge of what implies a religion and that all their lives are been in certain religion, and do not want to change it, in that point, it does not matter if it is a women, men, kid, baby or old man, the people of ISIS simply with any repentance of what they do and are going to do, they kill every one that do not accept their rules and what teaches Sunni Islam, the only thing they want is to impose what they think and its religion.
“Who had never existed in the present, now existed in the past” (Orwell, 1949, pg.47)7. Many people that had died and the ones that are dying in this moment we know that in this present was evident that they are not going to be existing, because the situations of their life, is very difficult say if any one of both countries can live another day, many of us do not recognized people that dies daily, but when we hear, see or read the news, we recognized this people as fighters because they try to live a minute more and in our mind they will always be present. In the future when we think of the politic situation of any country, first we are going to think in the people that had died in their internal conflicts and then we will continue with our live and maybe say, yes, this country is better than before, when everything was rounded of darkness, fear and sadness.
“Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date” (Orwell, 1949, pg. 40)8. Even if in 1949 they referred to the change of the history, I think that to follow what says this quote, we can change our world by simply teaching the new generations the earliest problems that had affronted each country, because with this, we can make they have a different perception and understand that the world can change if they become people that is honest and humble, if they think that doing the mistakes of the past like fighting because of religious and political dogma is wrong, maybe in a future that is not so far, everything would change.
With the freedom that each one has, and the knowledge that is acquire by the years, maybe one day, every one of us can teach, even if it is a little thing to the ones that come next, not only by talking to them, but letting in one way or another a place where the situations are explain since the begging and how with a little conflict everything can explode, all of them, even if the past generations die, can know what is to live in a country or world in this case, that has very huge political and religious dogma problems, we cannot allow this type of things happen again.
This can be seen as a fantasy, but it is not, the change start with each one of us, with only one person that wants the change and that is motivated, more people can join and start supporting the idea. Changing since the beginning the way of thinking of the youth, of this generation that are the only ones that can teach to new ones, that have the knowledge of each generation, knowing the problems and situations, but without letting any of this past situation happen again.

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