The Existence of Freedom (Final paper)

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The Existence of Freedom (Final paper) Empty The Existence of Freedom (Final paper)

Post by JFRojasJ11b on Tue May 30, 2017 7:29 pm

As we know in our world there are different problems that each country is living right know as they had lived before, but if we see all those problems, we can ask if they have freedom living those problems? Human has the necessity for having freedom, to having their own life´s thinking and doing what we want, or we just live in a world were problems stopped our freedom, when all society give the rules for living that freedom, but now if we think, is there Freedom in Oceania like there is freedom in actual life, given the thoughts of Winston and the thoughts of actual society?

First, to continue speaking, we need to have the concept of freedom clear, freedom is the feeling of doing what you want and think what you want, Is something so subjective because all humans have a different feeling of freedom, we can’t compare the freedom of a Colombian person with an African person each person has his different freedom and all depends in society, because the society is the one that constructed the moral thinking for communities and when you born, all that moral, culture, religion constructed your own moral thinking, your own freedom, but that freedom is mixed with your own personality and what you want and like. The freedom has also a characteristic and is that freedom has a limit, we refer to limit as a restriction that freedom can’t pass, in society, freedom is constructed to have a limit, if we put the example of Colombia, the Colombian freedom is all that it can’t be against with the Colombian constitution, this mean that freedom exist just if it has a limit, this concept is curious because if we know, in countries where it has great problems could exist freedom but when we see with a different point of view we say that they don’t have freedom but for them there exist freedom, this happens in North Korea, for North Korea the freedom could exist because the society has a different moral and this mean a different type of freedom, they would think that their country is the best country in the world and for them have just 15 type of hear cuts is freedom for select whatever of those 15 hear cuts is excellent, but for others societies like Latin-American or European, that 15 hear cuts is slavery because in our countries we can select whatever hear cut what we want, this mean that freedom could exist in all places but all depends in Society, another example that we can say is the different between the Easter culture with western culture, because for the western culture the elderly are the most ignorance and fool type of person because there are old and there capacities are too few but if we compare with the eater society the elderly are the most wise person of the society and we can see that in movies or TV shows that shows that, is the same that happens with freedom, freedom is different in all places because our society put us the limit for we enjoy our freedom.

If we compare the concept of freedom with 1984, is possible because when we compare Oceania as a society, they have their own moral, and also their own thinking like SLAVERY IS FEEDOM, WAR IS PEACE and IGNORANCE S STRENGHT when we compare that thinking with the freedom that we use to live, is funny to see how the freedom that they have is to similar with North Korean freedom because they have similar realities but they are happy with their own freedom, all humans are happy with their freedom because is excellent do what you want, but do you think that Winston or Julia has freedom in Oceania? Well yes, because is we know Winston in the beginning when he has that dairy, he was against the law of the big brother, but for him he was using his freedom and it doesn’t matter if Big brother know it, well is normal feel fear when you are doing things that are against the country but when you want to expand that limit of your freedom is something that you need to enjoy because in the future you won’t do it anymore. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” (Orwell, 1949)1 We notice that Winston has the same point of view of the concept of Freedom because he was conscious that he can think that he wants and the Big Brother won’t know it also Julia, Julia think that her freedom was limited and find the freedom of living Winston, The freedom that they was finding was love and the real limit that they were putting was they own love and their limits, in this case like they can’t we outside loving them because the thought Police will know it and we in jail in the Ministry of love, that was the limit of their freedom in other words the fear of that someone take away their freedom and they was conscious of that limit but when someone fights for their freedom is a force of volatile that another person can’t stop.

The Winston´s thought is saw in different person that knows that we are living in a world were freedom is not the freedom that human’s needs like be manipulated or live in serious problems that some people see but not all and makes freedom something in general where freedom needs to be something original for each person and this is the great mistake that has society about constructing freedom and makes that freedom be equal for all and that is a wrong thinking because freedom is something that each person construct at the pass of time. Also the other observation of freedom is that freedom can’t be judge because each society has their freedom and say that North Korea or Oceania doesn’t have freedom is something some unjustified because we are seeing as a moral thinking and is not a moral thinking of our society, is a moral thinking of that society, but the real question is where is Slavery, if freedom is possible in all places?. Slavery is where someone takes away your freedom thinking and it doesn’t let you do the things that you want to do, for example in Jail you can’t do things that you used to do before when you were outside and the policeman takes away the possible tings for take away your freedom but all deepens of what is your thinking of freedom, because in the case of Winston, Winston was free because he can’t thing and do things before passing the limit of freedom but in the case of jail that limit is so near of all that freedom doesn’t exist.

In conclusion freedom exist if you have a limit, the limit is society´s rules or in the case of Winston´s freedom the Big Brother, but to defer freedom of Slavery, slavery is when someone take away your freedom and the limit is so short that freedom becomes so small that frustrated you, all depends of you think is freedom for you and do you want that freedom be I your life.

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