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The great industries have accumulated a lot of power since the beginning of the human been, these industries have to control the society basing his ideas on the education creating new serve to the capital as in the dystopian world of George Orwell, this essay have the proposal to discuss the nowadays education as a form of totalitarisim of the mind as 1984.

First of all we have to conceive the education as a way of improve the aptitudes of the human been thus like his reasoning, the creation and the development of the point of view is for me the real objective of the society, the search of his own spirit learning how keep always forward his own knowledge.
The education nowadays is a mess, these education only share data without reaching an specific objective, they didn´t teach us how to think, how to analyze and how to reach some point of knowledge in our life’s, for the education a rational man is a misfit of the society because he start making questions; and for the contrary the man that need the society is that one that obey the requirements of the capitalist system.

This system capitalist have the objective to create robots,  thus the society could be more easy to manage, they use the education as a process of marketing, depending the need of the economy they use the deepest sectors of education as a cradle of ignorance, they take the love to the knowledge and put an education without any ability of  beginning an idea, the typical student that follow all the guidelines of a school, that have all the great notes, that doesn’t wonder about why he is reaching those points, a person that follows all the rules that tell the society, without bringing new ideas, without asking himself the reason why he is memorizing those information; this is class of people that want this new society, For me those aspects means that the principal objective of the industries, is create people  with a certain knowledge, no teach them how to think, only feed them with certain data or information to reach a use in the society, creating an aberration for the initiative suppressing the new ideas and the use of the power of the reasoning. One aspect of the education that for me means the hill of the manable ignorance, is the absurd rules like the formation , the ID, create an a repulsion of the reason, because when we as to the teachers to give us a specific reason of these costumes, they said that are rules of the school of the society, this makes that when we are working in a certain job that the industries choose for us as, makes  that in the companies exist only a rigid hierarchy of work in two senses the one that dictate the work and other that executed that order. So the employer face a general delegation of the initiative, is a continuous cycle, the employer  obey , the engineer obey, even the boss also obey, he didn´t have an a initiative, his ideas and initiative, are based in market and the capital, so there is only one planer; the merchancy and the convenience of the capital, and the fact that began this serve to the industries was the education.; as in 1984, the education is based on the ideas of the unique parties, and those ideas want to maintaining a society completely blind, that his only reason is to serve to the parties, until reaching the limit of the blindness of denouncing his parents for the benefit of the parties, this things happened in the nowadays education, if someone want to reformed the system silence it; we don´t serve for a political parties, we serve to the maniatic search of power of the human been.

The economics of the industries grows , but the reality, is that doesn’t sympathizes in terms of the humanity, for example in Europe and in Japan die more than 300 kid´s that have decide to commit suicide  because they can´t support the path of the perfection, the experts though that this kid´s are saying to the society that they prefer the dead, instead of the perfection and a life that is always regulated taking away the time of the funny stuff from his life’s, and there isn´t time to the bad behavior, the other cause of this success, is the the same mandatory system in which the education is an intense process, rigid and inhumane, that have with principal objective made efficient people, and the result of this is a society cruel and materialistic; as in 1894 in Oceania they have forbidden the sex like a method of pleasure, this things create a society more cruelty and a society more manageable,, like the nowadays society, i hope that the obsession of perfection of the marketing does not lead us to extremes like this.

The Mental sluggishness has done a lot of damage to our mind, but is not only the guilt of the students, the teacher and the system have a lot of guiltiness, because they give us all the concepts in form of a dogmatic way, for example the education didn´t teach us the useless of the math’s, they only tell us a specific problem to solve, and then to learn his answer, we didn´t ask the reason of that result, thus the student will only now that if he do the problem like that he will obtain some result, we can conceive this method like a dogmatic thing, something like a religion, that will happened if we don´t understand the process of the problem and his reason. If in the school they will teach us the application of the math’s in the real life, the education will abruptly change; they will teach us that the math’s are only the application of the human been knowledge but in a formalize, that we can find the math’s in the daily life and in everything that surround us; the student could get a good note but if he doesn’t find the way to connect this knowledge with a previous processes, he will forget the knowledge. The proles in 1984 are a perfect example, they have forbidden the knowledge, until reach the point of treat them like animals; the nowadays education are built to this purpose, this system though that ¨think¨ is only a repetitive process, they made us a terrible favor, they saved us the function of thinking.

The competitive aspects in the education,  have made a huge damage to the education, the maniatic career to the good grades, make an generational disaster without reaching any certain point, the education how it is design, search only the knowledge only for a certain group of people, for example; wen one specific student have a good grade , the other one feel bad because he didn´t accomplish the objectives that have demand the society, this aspect made an education with only one object; the person who reach more faster and easily the objectives of the society, this create a wrong objective for  the education.
The fear to the teacher and also a type of maniatic respect is another aspect that we have to change, the intimidation of the knowledge made that the student only learn those subjects basing his memory in the intimidation the aspect that generates this are gestures of the teachers like  : ¨here i am the only who knows¨ sometimes this gestures didn´t Have a direct relation with the knowledge of the student, do not even respect the student, nor is it recognize as a thinker, and for me the children’s are thinkers, the kids are always searching and discovering new things, and if we force them to memorize data like computers they cannot develop his own mind and his own thoughts, while in the education do not eradicated the typical though of there is always one person that knows and another not, Without the student creating their own concerns and his own questions So absurd, the questions must be accepted, to create a free development of the intellect, since the fundamental principle of the human being; the initiative, because if we do no create an education forger ideas, we could end in the dystopic world of 1984, Forgetting our own history, letting the materialistic society change the history of humanity itself, and end up marching for something without any  justification, based on hatred invented by an undefeated figure.

The society shout out a change of perspective and also for education, the method is very old, we need another method that exalt the freedom of the humanity the real sense, of the society the creations of ideas to create a better society, i fully trust that this generation will change the form of making education, we have examples like in Finland, of institution that avoid the first grades, like a liberation of the spirit of the children’s, although, this method is not perfect at all, we have to change the porpoise of the education, i think that the philosophy have to be in all the subjects, because the philosophy is the a set of reflections about the essence of the human been and the things that surround it, so a philosophical education could not be at all repressed, as it happens in nowadays education, and it could be in an opposite direction of what the human considers inhuman, if we apply the philosophy like we understand it, and also offer the possibilities, we surely will not get  many workers, but we could get people that fight for a different type of society, It is worth living and studying.

Orwell bring us a dystopic future to change the our future, As a call of life and alert to knowledge, a call to the true essence of the human being freedom and power of a dignified and well-formed freedom of expression, Because for the writer life goes beyond a series of decoded actions, the tiny surprises of life, the simplicity of those small actions that make us feel, and the human interactions that fall into the soul of each person on earth. This book is a faithful call to the beginning of each human being, and that beginning constitutes the search for knowledge it means the learning and reasoning of each human being.
Humanity is a metaphysical and volatile being, with something innate that is the pursuit of freedom, and the meaning of freedom of each individual in this world is infinite, so the search for knowledge is essential for that essential objective.

  • 1984. Orwell, George. 1949, editorial Signet Classicss
  • Education and Democracy. Zuleta, Estanislao. 1995, editorial Fundación Estanislao Zuleta 


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