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1984 like a real life story
By the history, the world has been changing and having a lot of revolutions that makes that world change a lot in all the aspects because we had to suffered bad economic situations, wars, injustices, and technological advances that in some times that technological advances were bad because of the things they caused, with the pass of time people had created the politics, in the politics we can find a lot of interesting and different things because in the politics like in the society, we can find corruption and some good things but it depends of what country, city or state we are talking about because all the governments are different even if they have things in common, other reason of why politics are interesting is because politics involved a lot of areas in which people make their activities in the government, but for talking about government we have to know what is it and what are their roots, the government is the most important pillar of the STATE, the government is the one that controls, management and that administer all of the privates institutions of the STATE, in the government we find a political organization, in a political organization we find different chargers, the most popular is the president, but there are not the same charges in all the different types of government, in this world of the politics and to be more specific in the types of government, we find a lot of different types to government or to management a country or a city, but there are some types that are more popular and more frequently than others; in some books we find a political point of view like in “1984” of George Orwell, in this book we can see a society that is control by a big brother but how the content of this book is similar to the situations of other countries?
All the countries of this world have a type of government there exists more than 3 types of government, in this types we can find the one of the most popular type on the earth that is the democratic government, the meaning of the word democratic is “governed by the town” that means that all the citizens have the same power and the same possibility of participation to take a decision; in the next type of government there is something so interesting and that is what I was talking about, this type of government is called republic , in here the interesting part is that all the democracies are republics and in here literally is the same thing of the democracy because all citizens have the opportunity to select a person like the president that tries to comply the things he propose, so in both types there exist the same participation of people and like I said all the democracies are republics nevertheless the democracy continuous being a type of government. This types of government are the most popular but there exists more types that also are working or established in some countries like the monarchy this type of government consists in a king and a queen that in some times they have the absolute power, they change the queen an d the king by the family so that means that one family is going to be the one that has the power by a lot of years, one of the most popular cases of this is the united kingdom but practically this is not the real government type of this county, the type of government of the U.K is republic because the queen Isabel doesn’t have the power in the political aspects, other type of government that is not a completely one is the aristocracy government, this is a government that people has been creating because they start to see how the government had changed and all this change is about economic situations, so this aristocratic government is about republics that nowadays are governed by rich people, that means that are republics that are governed by rich people but that at the same time the same money is giving more power to the presidents so the people has changed this cases in a aristocracy government a case of this is the united states with the come of Trump at the power. Other type of government that is so popular because there are some cases of countries with this type of government that is the dictatorship, the dictatorship is about a group of people or a person that has the completely power of the country and the rest of the people doesn’t matter because the dictator can use the violence to maintain the power so all the human rights are violated and the dictator is the one that manage the country as he wants. Other type of government that also is so interesting is the democratic republic this type of government is not a democracy and is not a republic most of the cases this governments are communists dictatorships but they don’t use violence that is a big fact that distinguish from a real and officially dictatorship. Other type of government that also is in the part of politics is the theocracy government it is so important because with this we can see how the religion is involucrate with the politics, this type of government is about some governors that says that they govern by a religious idea so that is the guide they use for make that. Other type of government that is too important is the totalitarianism, in this type of government people have the obligation of doing all what the political party wants and the interesting thing is that in this type of government the governor is not a real person.
Like we see all the different types of governments are related because some of them shares characteristics, and that is what 1984 talks about, in this book written by George Orwell we can see that the book have a completely political point of view and is based on the totalitarianism type of government, but with the story that tells the book we can see that it can be a case of the real life and nowadays Venezuela is having a problematic with the president of that country because he enters l in a type of a dictatorship and the country is in a bad situation and the people is protesting and in some times the military forces had killed people; in 1984 the big brother is the one that controls all the society and George wrote this book based in his believes, but how would be the book if George had used the republic type of government in the book?, for most of the people the best type of government is the republic, and with this we start to see how the politics influence in our life’s, the power of the politics Is too much that day by day each person wake up and prepares for go to the work and comply with the different activities that the government established, of one way or another the government is controlling us, so all of the types of government are becoming a dictatorship and that is something that the book says with his principal character, so George Orwell describe the life that most of the people have in a book, that is something so interesting that involves politics in our life’s and make us like robots in a society in which there exists only one BIG BROTHER, the state.
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George Orwell, 1984, editorial Harvill Secker


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