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1984, a dystopian novel that shows how would be a society without freedom and controlled by powerful people controlled by an omnipresent being called the “Big Brother” that don’t let anyone think or express what they want, this is the big argument presented in George Orwell’s novel called 1984, that is consider one of the best books for introducing into some readings, this novel is lived from the main character called Winston Smith, he was a common citizen that conformed the External party and inside this he worked inside the Ministry of Truth in the Registers Department, his job was change and correct papers of the history for changing the past of all, the past was changed for self-convenience of the party. The place was divided in three parties that try to control every one of the place but as any society there are people that don’t followed the rules that were established by the government, one of them was our main character Winston he was obtaining some positions that people against a government adopt to show to someone their inconformity with the way the government manages the community, and this can be very easy to present with the type of society that Orwell tell us, a society that creates a new language, a new type of communication that makes every word shorter than they were, this makes that people don’t think too much and start being ignorant with the most of the things they do, and are a society that don’t care of what does the government do with them, because this government is very socialist and totalitarian, and manipulates the people in an easy way, the people that control society are controlled by an omniscient entity, this can be very common in the real society that we are experiencing, this is the religion people are moved and “controlled” by an omniscient entity that variates in each religion or doctrine it makes people change their way of thinking and living.
Another very important point very presented is the telescreen that is the representation of the law in there, those telescreen are some screen landed in specific zones where they can observe what you are doing and check if you are following the rules of the government, as is said in the text the telescreen can be only be manipulated by members of the Inner party that was considered the supremacy in there because this party controlled the external for avoiding things and hiding things from other governments like Eurasia or Estasia, and below these two parties were the Pleasants or the lowest position in the social organization of Oceania, returning to the telescreen it is a violation of human rights cause watch what people do their 24 hours and almost as they can’t do anything without been observed by the powerful people and when someone make something against the stablished regulation it was immediately reported, and it was punished or maybe he was condemned to death so people in Oceania were very accustomed to death in that place, there we can evidence  very big social conformity and mental slavery this is presented because we can see that the society don’t wants to express against the government because they have like a prison in their minds were they can see what is occurring in their environment, that is a problematic that is presented nowadays in our society because we watch people that don’t like the government that is governing them but they don’t do anything for expressing that because they create a mental comfortability.
On the other hand we can see the anarquism is very presented in the book with Emmanuel Goldstein a character that was one of the founder of the political parties  that one day reveal his feelings of disagreeing with everything and created a society called the Brotherhood, and this society was made for people against the government and they meet each other in there for sharing their hate and inconformity with all but when the government heard they punished Goldstein in a very hard way because as shown in the text betray the political organization was a very several fault in Oceania, so since that moment the government provide a moment in the calendar called 2 minutes of hate in which all the civilization have to see a video with horrible images with the face of Goldstein for they know he was a bad person, this video contained grotesque images, so in here is also shown the control of people by images or subliminal messages that enter in the minds of the people. Goldstein is one of the clearest example for the people that know and aren’t ignorant so they can critique and express their point of view, he is a person that wants to help to everyone and trying to take them out from the injustice and things that the government takes advantage of.
Another relation with the actual governments are some dictatorships that happened all across the time in countries like Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Chile, one of the most important dictatorships in the history of Latin American countries was Chile’s one, this dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet a military that enter to the power in 1974 and finished in 1990, in this dictatorship is very present a big problematic and were the manipulation of the media, this consisted in change and manipulate the information given by the television, radio, newspaper and other social media, that communicates to the society what is happening in that time, in that specific dictatorship Pinochet abuse a lot of this for creating a very distorted supposition of what is happening, but the truth is that anything is as they think, because the most of the people believe on what others say to it and don’t goes further for knowing the real truth so this makes like a gas curtain of the reality and hides the atrocities that are occurring. This problematic is also seen in the book, the things the parties do for hiding the truth manipulating everything, as shown in the novel we see that the job of Winston is eliminating the truth, this is done by making people think that something never happened eliminating all the evidences of that event so this makes the parties of Oceania manipulate the media and in this case the truth.
“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” Orwell, G (1984)
In this quote we can see how is freedom for the author ad this can be also shown in the text, because when someone says that something is true and he or she has power the most of the people will follow its statement and will defend something that they don’t even know if that is true but they just follow him because he is free of saying that and that people are agree with that.
A very polemic country in this topic is North Korea, this “democratic” country, that isn’t democratic sincerely, because in the vote card in there appears just 2 options, one the dictator that comes next and the white vote, but people say that when someone chooses the white vote he or she will die or be condemned so people create a fear of voting in white so they automatically vote for the dictator and this creates a dictatorship in the country, a country where people can’t express or say what they think, where they can communicate in an international way, they private them of a lot of rights but people can’t do anything for helping each other because they can beat powerful people that can make what they want with the life of everyone because they control all of them. People that have all this quantity of power start being individualist and just work for their own well-being without caring of the others and this makes powerful people be better than common people that life down of the powerful ones, and this concept the individualism is also very common in our contemporary society where we can evidence how people just worked and get money for luxuries for themselves but they don’t think in what they do every day in a social way they don’t think that if they do something wrong this will affect another person, but we as a society have to change that mentality and think in a group way for increasing not only economical but also emotional and our knowledge and people will not be ignorant for expressing their ideas and try to improve the place we were born and the place we will die.
Talking about the geographical division of the three mentioned places that are Oceania, Estasia, and Eurasia at the beginning of the text they show that Oceania and Estasia were against Eurasia, but with the past of the time, the author says that Oceania joins to its past enemy Eurasia for being now against Estasia, and as they create a change, the government wanted that the people go against their past ally so they had to erase all the evidence that showed that Oceania was with Estasia so they erase all that data and now people thought that Estasia was their all life enemy so there we can see how manageable people can be, this is seen nowadays on how presidents manage the society with promises they won’t accomplish or things aren’t real, this is also a prove of the ignorance that can be evidenced in the nowadays society, a society that don’t thinks and don’t express what they think.
With all these topics that I have mentioned we can see the nowadays problematics, problems that are present every moment of our life, things that as a simple citizen we cannot fix alone but if a lot of people get conscious of this and we together try to show this to more people we will create a change in people point of view, a point of view of someone that isn’t comfortable with what they obtain of the government but they don’t say anything because of fear of being categorized and humiliated because of being different but they need to know that there exist a lot of people that want to make a change but they can’t do it alone.

1.Nineteen Eigthy-Four. Orwell,George. 1949, Signet Planet


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