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Post by JAovalleM11A on Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:09 pm

in this essay i am going to talk about that if is more easy too just follow the orders like the people of the book have to do it and also i am going to ask this or that question because for me is a really interesting topic fot talk about it also i am going to use examples of countries that just follows the orders and other that the orders are just words that are writing in a page and some of this orders are just writed for too much cytizens. And also taking in to account the chapters of the book for explain it.

Beginning with that the basic idea of the book is alone the reader gives to deal or him shows a reality that could that it happens or that it finds happened already opportunely, the book like all that we have to do this essay, we know that little mas shows a reality more raw about of since serious a country or take care of one that this all the time is observation and under a strict regime, so much that every movement that a citizen does is notified and I dress for the chief that already we  all know that it call the big brother.

And it is a history very difficult to understand and even more in English, the big brother is a person that all the time wants to have the power especially and on all since it obtained this so very easily of made, alone it had to rise to the power or to the presidency and there begin any regime, which is the very strong one since when the power wants to have especially not only him coarsely in spite of to be able counter home to all the persons of high range, but also it was interested for knowing even in that moment breathes that there presents, that does actions, if it fulfills his rules, the orders absolutely quite.
If we bear this in mind of always following orders in certain part it is something very good but clear without coming to such ends, and so since we can see nowadays the countries most developed since already know all they are the Asians but why?

For the simple reason of which they are the most disciplined countries, which always follow the orders that they understood that the problems are not solved with you fight, they are solved doing agreements, speaking “cultamente” since already they do it in these times and incredibly it has a mentality that all the time them is stimulating ahead, very well this shows us a video that Mr. Vol-au-vent showed us in a class, in which the video in certain part was showing the Japanese mentality and the mentality Colombia, which for great difference is much better the Japanese and the Asian that thousand times Latin American that alone limits itself to working and in thinking that if it does not make it anybody any more it will do it, the Asians on the other hand always think of creating new things or even of improving the already made things a great example of this being the technology, a country that already everything is electronic and which could take advantage of few resources that had of a very good way, Latin person Americans we have everything practically to create things but we do not do them because, for laziness, if only we could take advantage of them of good way, not of form destroyer Latin America would not be considered to be a Third World country.
"That I know there is no scientific study that affirms that the Colombians we have some cognitive congenital deficiency, on the contrary I think that biological we are relatively equal to our congeners of the human species, independently of the native land. What yes is true is that here from very tiny we learn the skills of the "plane" and it as which it is transmitted across the sancocho or the bandeja paisa." “Taken from:” “revisted 2015 October 20”

As this man says, not only we cannot follow orders, but we cannot also listen how it put in the text that was not demonstrated of the Colombians do not have a good cognitive development, also it was mentioning in his text that the Colombian always wants to be the first one without mattering if other one is in needy or needs help, he put the example of the plane, in which he showed us that the Colombians we are so purified that always we want to enter to the plane of first without mattering that the seats are enumerated and nobody will be able to take you yours also speaks on that often the persons who would be a leaders' species give orders which we cannot continue.

Also searching in Internet I found an interesting page which was showing or saying 4 things for which we have to continue ordines and because they are important and these are:
1 To follow instructions demonstrates your maturity. In the measure that you demonstrate that you have the aptitude to follow instructions, you are showing that you have the maturity to put in the position of leader or follower, as be necessary.
2 You give the example to your own followers. If you show that you have the aptitude to follow instructions, you are teaching indirectly your followers to whom for respect, them they do the same thing with you.
3 You learn to trust in other persons. There is nothing more dangerous that to think that the things cannot be done, if you do not do them your same. If you surrender to another person, you learn to trust in her and in addition, you encourage to which it continues doing his work well.
4 You are more effective in the teamwork. In any task, always there must have someone who directs. If the one who directs is another person, on having supported her, you will do that aims are fulfilled much more rapid in terms of result of equipment. “taken from” “revisted 2014 June 6”

Continuing with what he was saying initially of this essay it is possible to see that a country that has discipline and it can follow orders is a country that is going to triumph and also as charm before to be able to be like the Asians who alone have these two basic orders which were imposed and each of his citizens to fulfill it and not like we say in Colombia, " they spend it as cookie " that believe a law or they give an order to improve the country and the Colombians as rarely, we never follow them.

The laws that we follow are that we abuse that the consequences of not fulfilling them they are very record like to go to the jail and other things, but because we have to come to this end, because not only we follow orders and avoid all these problems that so bad reputation give us not only the Colombians, but to all the Latin Americans.

But white of egg is not also to go away up to the ends to see that if all these orders are fulfilling as in the book that the big brother to come to the point of monitoring to the whole world, clearly and is true that nowadays the principal cities are almost that totally been vigilant over cameras but they we do not give a use of hundred per cent since can do it, many of the cities use the cameras only to see when the cars happen in red, the thefts, the violations but because we do not use them also to see the one who does not fulfill a law, to sanction it and this way this person will understand that it has to do the correct things or to be able turn affected “monetariamente”.

With every person that we do this the change to future it can be very big, since they will not have to sanction all the persons of the city, because before doing his acts they were wondering if this would have some consequence, example in small stone when a man steals they take the fingers from him or even the hands and if they see that this person did not understand the message kill it and this way it should be in many countries, like that it is a very strict politics but it is the only form of which the people learn, since in the college because the teacher has to shout in order that they all do silence, and later the villain is a teacher because it shouted us and the solution is very simple if we do not want that they are shouting us all the time in the classes just let's do silence and let's respect the fact that there is a teacher opposite us and I include myself to my between few persons that when it comes the teacher greets it, he asks him that we will see today, sits down and does silence, and already, They are four very simple things that we all should be able and apply.


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only follow orders  Empty Re: only follow orders

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:50 am

PARAGRAPH 1: no punctuation, no capitalized I, third person agreement (follow vs follows), spelling and grammar (writed, cytizens).
PARAGRAPH 2: lack of coherence in text, evident use of translator (I dress = visto//from the verb vestir, not ver, in Spanish).

The use of the translator is obvious through the text, (I really don't know Mr Val-au-vent, so I am bettting it was your translator sending into Engrish.

there is an idea, difficult to follow through the text due to the lack of coherence, but there is AN idea. I see a minimal improvement in punctuation. I feel sad about you using a translator, if you really need a word, check out a dictionary, but do not use a translator.

your grade is a 6


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