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The technology affects every human being that lives in Earth. And in 1984, technology is a huge problem, because technology always affects the Party´s  ability to control the citizens. The city is invaded of telescreens wherever you go, always a telescreen is going to be there watching you, following you. You will never be alone. Now your best friend becomes a telescreen. And the worst part of this, is that the telescreen controls and verifies what are you doing, and if you are not doing the things well the same telescreen  that is always following you, is going to put you in jail, so always you are controlled, the city is invaded of this things that never will let you be what you really wanna be. And there is a huge oppression          “Processions, meetings,  military parades, lectures, waxwork displays, film shows, telescreen programs all had to be organized; stands had to be erected, effigies built, slogans coined, songs written, rumors circulated, photographs faked. Julia’s unit in the fiction department had been taken off the production of novels and was rushing out a series of atrocity pamphlets” (1984, George Orwell, 8 of June of 1949)1. There is no freedom, the word freedom for this citizens of the book 1948 is new, do not appears in dictionaries, not even,  books can be chosen, because this political party change the books for the benefit of them. The only dictionary that can be used is the “newspeak dictionary” But this dictionary is the one in which the new language that the state created appears; The political party does not want that someone has more knowledge that others, but like every person knows, just   knowledge is not necessary for living, the feelings play a very important role in this story, every human being knows that to be sure that the life is passing, feeling came with it, feeling are necessary become complement us. It makes us feel alive, but like this political party knows this, they are never, ever letting someone have affection.
This happens with Julia and Winston, there’s attraction, and of that attraction comes the love, but how someone lives in a society where love is illegal, where if a man and a woman is catch or seen talking one with other, they put you in a jail. It’s hard and not maybe not hard but impossible, but like every person knows “if someone feels that it have to happen it passes”, and with Julia and Winston happens this. They found a way to be together no one noticing it. Winston leases a room to be together for a while with Julia but the owner is Charrington who is one of the best friends  of Winston. For Winston and Julia is a safe place because there is no telescreens, but then , one day when they finish reading the Goldstein book, a loud and cold voice came behind a picture that was in the room, there were a telescreen. The one who appears to be your friend, is your worst enemy and Charington was not the exception, he was a police of the thought.
There is a lot of telescreens now a days, we live with the telescreens we eat with them, we depend of it, the only diference is that  the name changed. Now is not called “telescreens”  is called cellphones, they control us and what I want to refer with “us” is that we are so blinded that we can not watch it, watch the power of this machine, that with the time will deteriorate us, and everything that surround us, the time passes and what George Orwell said a long time ago is passing right now. The political party in that time never let freedom appear because the organization of the society do not let you make or do anything for you or for by your own, the manipulation of the telescreen and the  known phrase “Big brother is watching you” is what happens now a days in the world. With all the politicians that do not let people talk or express what the country is suffering. Many misfortunes, injustices and inequality is covered by us in the  world. Every day in the morning  a citizen of Colombia have to pay a transport which costs more than $2.000 pesos, to go a to a job in which your boss pay you the minimum salary, the worst thing of this is if you express what you feel, that is to say, you talk with your boss and you say him that you are not agree of your salary the only words that are going to go out of your boss  will be “if you do not want this job, bye take care, because there are some people who need this job” and the reality is that the person needs the job too.  Inequality.
In the novel is shown how the programs, books, novel are used for the benefit of the political party, and is curious how this book shows this part and is expressed so freely; In Colombia the two based and most importants programs are two: Caracol and RCN. “This programs are the ones who tells what is passing in the country,the anecdotes, events and problems. The famous news” What people do not know is that this programs belong to very rich people who control more than the half of the country.  And is weird, when the only news that this two programs passes are always bad news. The answer of this is that they do not show what really happens, they change the story for  its own benefit; The news are controlled and with the news is involve the education and the security of the country. And this two principles things are the ones which do not let that Colombia improve. But the gloomy and humiliating part of this, is that we are the guilty people of why the things are like that. Because we are the one who decide which person will govern us.
"And we become accustom that injustice, arbitrariness; cynicism and cruelty be the daily food of a society that do not find agreements to reject infamy or mechanisms for transforming a reality that disapproves" (De la Habana a la paz, Wlliam Ospina, 2017)2
Winston wants to overcome the Big Brother, nevertheless, he looks for people who has the same point of view of him, that is overcome the political party, but obviously the Big Brother knows that always are going to be people who wants to overcome him, that is why is not accepted that many people can meet in a certain place. The same happens with us. Once there was a man who was Jaime Garzón (Bogota, 24 of October – Ibídem, 13 of august of 1999) he was  a Colombian lawyer, pedagogue, comedian, activist, actor, philosopher, broadcaster, journalist and peace mediator. And he wanted to do the same thing that Winston was trying to do, but unfortunately he was murdered, while he was doing or trying to change or to make a change in his country, the politicians do not want people that make a change and can change others, and that will never change.
The things that are told in  1948 are not so far of the reality that we live each day in Colombia. In both parts the organization is the same, and the unequal clash of the individual against the system. There will be one time in which all is going to collapse, the citizens are going to fight, and when all the citizens fight, a country is heard and politicians have to make a change. Now we are living what the book report us. But all has a limit. And our limit like a Colombian citizen will collapse soon. And I know that there is more people tired of the injustices and the manipulation that the political parties exert on us.             "There were puddles of filthy water here and there among the cobbles. In and out of the dark doorways, and down narrow alley walls that branched off on either side, people swarmed in astonishing numbers - girls in full bloom, with crudely lisp ticked mouths, and youths who chased the girls, and swollen waddling women who showed you what the girls would be like in ten years, and old bent creatures shuffling along on splayed feet, and ragged barefooted children who played in the puddles and then scattered at angry yells from their mothers" .  (1948, George Orwell, 8 of June of 1949)3
Children, women, men, girls, boys, old people and young people we will join all and we will demolish, and the changes will be notice. Because we can not continue like this, we cannot  continue living in this way. Our clash is soon and so the one of Winston. Citizens deserve a peaceful life, a good life, we deserve going out without being scared of someone that can steal us. The injustices will stop, the organizations will collapse. And our freedom and confidence will return to us, we will share with others, and we are going to be supporting and helping to support others. The change of a nonfunctional society begins in us. One day we will have free and we won’t be scare of the facts that terrify us.
Like indigenous people were a long time ago, before the Spanish people arrived here, to Colombia.
All will finish like it starts.


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There is no clear idea in the text and so, a linearity cannot be detected. Your overall grade is 6


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