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We live in an Orwellian world

logically the upper class controls the bottom class, it’s not a secret that nowadays we realized and we accept that there is a fight between the different types of classes, But the truth is that we stay statues at the situation and actually theres no way to defend the different points of view of each class and it’s way to defend their respective interests , now any person with a good knowledge of what is happening and a good analysis of awareness knows immediately that belongs to a social class so by this way in which world are we living … in a controlling world maybe? , or maybe in a totalitarian world?, or maybe just in both, maybe we are just living in an Orwellian world .

following the logic we may say that the power its going to belong always to the bottom class , for the others there’s no way to change this logic , so actually the society continues in the same chain , the same process, the same rules , the same corruption , the same secrets , and what’s more the same ignorance of what its happening around them, so why are we so happy living this world ?, if we’re just following some rules for staying alive , we’re a group of people manageable , We let them control us with simple words and boring speeches , But we still continue with a smile on our faces , so this is the world we are living , here , now , And apparently with no complaints. And without further this is what Orwell claims…

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
-(George Orwell, 1984)

How aware are we that we are being controlled?, theres answer for this question?, or once more we want to keep in silence our thinkings .. maybe fear it’s our worst enemy or well it is for most of us , i mean the person who lives with fear don't know what live is and needer what is living it , so well actually it’s not a secret that it’s more manageable a person who feels fear continuously than a person who feels free talking about it’s thinkings and opinions of what is happening, so for this reason the use of fear for the politics and government it’s frequently, and the solution for us it’s feeling free as a person, no worries , no fear, do not be afraid of what would happen if… but what happen it’s that this solution it’s so far from us, because they have already taken the control over us and over our thinkings, but actually it’s kind of funny cause There is no person who does not know the truth, the reality , it’s position in the world , but this persons, all of us , prefer to stay in silence , no movements , no opinion , no nothing.

“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”
-(George Orwell, 1984)

in the actuality our world is turning and turning , each day theres something new , a discovery, an attack, A birth and death , a new fear , a new investigation , well actually a lot of things, but as each day happens something new , each day a group of countries are suffering the fear between them , between it’s own society , some of them are accused for making part of the “terrorism” , countries like Siria and Irán , and some others accused for the lack of freedom like Cuba and Venezuela , actually this is not a secret for us , and what’s more this countries are an important element for the social unification , they make us believe that we are in a perfect country in comparison with the countries mentioned before , but is it true? Or are we just being handled by the media?, lets stop in this point.

They are controlling us with what we like, what we like? , television , radio , laptops , phones, social networks , internet in all it’s aspects , maybe journals ?, newspapers , some short books , movies , music, i don't know tablets and all this electronic devices , and we immediately make the question , what’s wrong if i like all this kind of things?… actually there’s nothing wrong , it seems to be fun a little beat of distraction , isn’t it?, humans beings need this type of distraction to keep the calm, to forget what is happening around them, but actually the problem is that nowadays we don't use this devices just for a distraction of short time , maybe 2 hours , some minutes , we use it the whole day , 24 hours at a device, sometimes just watching it with no reason , something for a simple conversation with a friend and sometimes for watching what is happening in the world, and we know that , we know that now our world is centered in all these distractions , and what’s more we love it , we love to know the last news of the famous people, the last phone , the last ringtone ,the last video game and the best soccer player, but who of you really cares of what is really happening outside? , for us it’s better to stay at bed than to take a look at the window and realized the world in all it’s aspects, just a few people get interest in this kind of things , but what happens is that this few group of people is the one that is in the bottom class ,
As they think they have the solution, they think they have everything controlled, so they just give us the rules, the information, and we as slaves or maybe just submissive people…we give an immediately acceptation , so as we are going which is our future? , where are we going with this thinkings , where we want to arrive ?, anyway what we don’t know is that with our silence we don't exist for anybody , we are dead , cause if there’s no opinion there’s no answer and if there’s no answer, there’s no life , that’s the truth .

“We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future.”
-(George Orwell, 1984)

The ruling clases as it’s name says rules everybody, so actually our ignorance is not just because , it’s a cause of the fomentation that this classes tend to give us everyday with the distractions i mentioned before , so the ignorance that we have nowadays it’s something curious for the human being , as we know we live the life making questions to our self , so then we realize that the ignorance make the power , so more power more ignorance and likewise in reverse, are we not in a chain? , are we not in a constant repetition, it’s just kind of bored , the people that have the power just give us disinformation and a lot of destructive and distractor products, in this case devices, the truth is that the society in part is the consequence of the power, we create this thing , and now that it exist it’s consider the principle responsable of the actual society , without forgetting that we as society let it to seduce and convince us so fast , is just a matter of seconds for us to give an immediately yes to everything , yes for the peace, yes for a new president, yes for corruption, yes for new attacks , yes for crime, yes for new rules, yes for new unknown pacts, That's what the human being does, that’s what we like to do , That's what we like to be made, we like to be handled, we like to be told what to do and what not to do, what is good and what is bad , it’s our life but handled by others, isn't it like that?.

But what’s actually the solution? maybe keep in silence as always, maybe watch a window for some seconds, or maybe something really difficult for us … don't let devices or medias to inform us of what is happening , the information is what is controlling us nowadays is the typical weapon of the social classes and this weapon is in the hands of the power, for that reason the solution is to do not let yourself be informed so by this way you need to know about the information by your own self, why? if there’s a informed person , someone who really knows what is happening in the actuality , it’s harder for the power to deceive this person, cause this person is informed with the truth , with what he saw , so the knowledgeable person will be freer than the one who enjoys sitting on the couch watching TV or than the one who prefer to stay at bed, it’s our decision.

“The consequences of every act are included in the act itself.”
-(George Orwell, 1984)

Now let's talk more deeply of reality, what is really happening?, we have two things, the first one is that we know that the society is afraid, and the second one is that we know that the distractions already make part of us, but the truth is that a cause of both things we’re being controlled , and that is the only reality , there’s no other, and we know that , so through the mediums , social networks , religion, enterprises and democracy we’re being managed, but if we don't want this any more we have to fight for our freedom and isn't to difficult is just fight agains the disinformation and information , is to fight against fear , talk , make people to know your opinion , off course it’s complicated to obtain a total liberty of own freedom but actually it’s very simple , it’s just to know and be conscious of what is happening around us , being aware that there is such a system of class control is already a small achievement, but well if at the end it’s imposible for you to win the fight of classes , don't worry about it , you're bed and sofa will always be there for you , and once more you just just going to have to follow the rules , jut let social networks to win and it’s alright.

“But it was alright, everything was alright, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”
-(George Orwell, 1984)

government it’s always watching what we do and how we do it , that’s not a secret for us , i mean we know they are watching us, and actually it’s what Orwell’s thinking wants to communicate us , but are we so smart for understanding him? lets see , big brother is in this case the government, they want us to believe their truth i mean they change the real truth and want’s society to obtain a double thinking , it’s just the same that is happening nowadays, the government has supposedly the right for watching us everywhere, through the tv, in the streets and only in order to make sure we are not doing anything wrong or well nothing that harms them, so what they do is that they make us to see a reality that scares us, i mean if you make something wrong , or against government , police is going to take you immediately , in this case you do not have the right to love, to talk, to give you're opinion, to have close friends , no datings , no sex , no nothing, so you're emotional energy goes all for the party that in this case is the government , in the world you're obligation is to watch politic programs , accepted and later on follow them, so actually it’s difficult to think in our selfs , cause government wants us to be full of propaganda, no time for us , just time for medium , this is the reality Orwell’s show us , but the real is that without needing him to show us his thought we know that we are close to living that reality, Because today our main defect is to belief that what is right is what people think and not what we evidence in our daily life.

“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal.”
-(George Orwell, 1984)


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