The true analysis of our current state.

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The true analysis of our current state.  Empty The true analysis of our current state.

Post by HDRochaD11B on Tue May 30, 2017 7:40 pm

1984 is a very "easy" text to analyse, or that is what people think but there are many ways to analyse this text, because of the totalitarian image the book transmits. But in some way people are wrong or maybe they are not analyzing the text in a good and a full way because there are so much things we can conclude from this text that is not only a totalitarian or communist aspect, or a warning of something that could happen in the future. In some way they have a lot of sense because of how the text is narrated and every circumstance that happens in the text like the full control of everyone, or the different things that the main character has to go throw and the totalitarian civilization everyone lives in and that is why people think that if our countries stay in the way they are or worse, we are going to like in the same circumstances that people live in the text. But what if you think or analyse in a better way then you figure out that it is happening right now, so we do not have time to change in the future because it is happening wright now. I invite everyone to take a better view to the text and analyse it in a better way.

If we analyse the text in a very easy way we come out with the idea that everyone has, and that is that it is a politic totalitarian control over the country, and a lot of people compare it with the ruler ship of Hitler because we can see a lot of similar things that happen in the time of Hitler and the things that happen in the book. Hitler ruled a lot of people and he was like the most important image of this movement like big brother, Hitler turned a whole country against Jewish people because of the slaughter of world war 1 and he controlled everything and he had like prisoners that worked for him and all these things like in the book the fact that everyone works for the higher class people, in the case of Hitler there is no higher people there is just the people he wants to eliminate and the people that help him accomplish this, in some ways these two things are very similar. In some way the Jewish people are like Winston because they were afraid of what would happen if someone found out that they were Jewish or that he was starting to have his own opinion were we could not even have a point of view and that is why he starts to write a diary, because he feels the necessity to tell someone what is happening, in this case he tells the his diary and he only narrates what he goes throw every day. And the necessity he has to express what he is feeling makes him commit an error in falling for a trap the higher community puts for the lower community. The higher class or in this case the government or the people that control everything create a kind of group, this group is responsible for making themselves pas like a group that is against the communist totalitarian regimen that they have, because in that way they can find the real people that are against them an capture them and torture the, this happened to Winston. All these facts make a big relation between the events that were happening in this era and the things that occur in the text.

Another comparison in a simple way we can compare it with the advances in technology the world is having because everything is advancing and people think that technology is going to take control of our lives and this also happens in the text because of big brother always watching everyone and in some way that is the technology that is going to watch everything we do every day and that is why people say that technology is going to control us because our lives now depend on technology and cellphones and computers, all these things that we can not control. Technology is going to become stronger than humans and it is going to control us and even destroy us, like the higher class controls everyone and at the rate that the text narrates everything well there is not much of humanity, i think that the technology is going to advance with us and that we are going to use it in a bad way like shown in the book we are going to take our privacy away and a lot of important things that construct our daily lives and that will really take our lives away and like gave us no meaning because no one has privacy and someone is always going to be watching you to see if you are doing anything wrong. Technology is a very good element if we control it in a correct way because it is a really helpful material, for example we use technology to create cures to certain knew diseases that are strong and that can destroy our life, in this way the technology is good but the over used technology like the computers and cellphones that we use every day at every time well this technology is the one that makes us stupid and creates like a sort of big wall in front of our eyes and this wall dose not let us see what is happening in the world and in our country. That is the bad way we use our technology and that is why the technology is controlling us and our lives like in the text were nobody can do something wrong or something that the government does not like because the government is always watching, in this case the government is the technology and it blinds us of everything that is really happening and it does not let us see the world for how it is but for how the government wants us to see it. That is why there is a huge comparison between the text and the technology.

Now that we have clear the most basic analysis of this text we can go in a deeper context of what is shown in the text and this is the way that this book reflects all the events that are happening right now in our country. Lets start to take this book and divide it into classes, there is the higher class that uses a totalitarian government to control everyone. With this being said we can say that from the upper or higher class come big brother and from the higher class we can see how they control the media and they only let the people see what they want them to see and this is happening right know in our country because here the government also decides everything but they still call themselves a communist country but how we really need to call them is a communist totalitarian regimen or government that controls the media, because here in Colombia this is very common that the government only shows what they want to shot and not what really is happening. George Orwell is trying to show a metaphorical satire of modern class structure and he tries to show us how the upper classes have complete control over the lower classes.

The lower class in the context of the book is the class that is watched at all time and that cant have a point of view in anything because they are watched and if they rebel, well there are serious consequences like torture and other things, in other words this class is the worker class, the class that works for the upper class and the class that dose not no anything about what is really happening but is a class used to satisfy the needs of the upper class. The lower class is controlled by the upper class and is used as the upper class wants, so the lower class is like a sort of machine that works for the benefit of the upper class. And that is what happens in our country because we work for the government and for the benefit of the government and they just exploit us, in the same way that the higher class exploits Winston, in that same way everything happens in our modern class structure because we suffer the same things like the fact that the government keeps a lot of things from us and a lot of other things.

In this text we see a lot of things the higher class uses to keep under control the lower class like the false publicity, the control of the media, firescreens, thought police, Ministry of Love, all of these things are used to keep under control the lower class and big brother is just like a image of authority and an image for people to get scared but the real scary thing is the government. That is the true relation that George Orwell tries to show us, the different powers and the control over the lower class people like us.

Some ideas taken from the essay /1984: An Alternative Analysis of the Classic Dystopian Novel

Thank you very much.


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