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It is well known in a society that there are certain rules, we do not question them, but we know that they exist and we follow them whether we want to or not, basic rules of coexistence or rules of behavior, things that in which we grow and apply in our daily lives.
Our parents teach us something, our friends other things and society makes sure that what you have learned the right thing for your daily life, is something unconscious but fundamental for life as we know it to continue in this way.

In the world of 1984 we already know how life and situation are, we know that this society is controlled by leaders of whom no one has a memory of how they came to power, they are simply and we accept them because we have a normal and simple life without problems with certain rules imposed by society

Currently in Colombia it is believed that the foundation of a good future is the education and the current problems are due to the lack of this, but to what extent that education is correct.

First let's take into account the poverty, in Colombia is one of the main problems with overpopulation and teenage pregnancy, due to these causes are 2 things to take into account:

1.Day by day there are more children in Colombia, of whom the vast majority come from a family with few resources.

If we consider this, not only is the factor that children will not grow with the necessary resources or an assured future that will allow them to survive, but equally the government has to contribute to it.

2. In the same way that children are born daily, these children in the future have the right to education and the government is the one who must have a plan for them and in this enters free education or as it is known "Colleges of the Government "in which problems, rates of violence and high levels of education are scarce.
Second is something very common to hear today children are the future, but in the same way in which William Ospina says in his book From Havana to Peace

“La verdad es que el que quiera cambiar el mundo, debe cambiar el presente, y puede estar seguro de que, haciéndolo, cambiará el futuro” (Ospina, William, Pg 16)1
Ospina, William wrote:

In 1984 Winston works in the ministry of the truth (Minitrue) and he says that although he remembers something there is information that proves some of that memory, is only in his vague memory and although he wanted to tell something to somebody, he couldn’t because there is not written information that proves what he said.

Orwell, George wrote:"All history was palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed exactly as often as was necessary" (Orwell, George-Pg 40) 2

Orwell, George wrote:"Day by day and almost by the minute the past was brought up to date"(Orwell, George-Pg 40) 3

So we probably want to change things but as Winston's Orwell through says the past can be changed and what we truly believe today can be a lie that we only accept because there is no evidence to support facts and people who know the truth or are dead or are like Winston with vague memories and lack of information, therefore all children attending education provided by the government are under a curriculum that the government itself believes that the new and future generations must learn and although certain people can afford to pay for their own education, each educational institution has to go through a process in which the government accepts its curriculum, so we all learn what somebody wants us to learn and although we can freely express what we believe some rules of the society can deny them, reject them or ignore them.

And since the majority of the Colombian population is poor, the study happens to be an unimportant requirement for most and end up on the streets consuming or selling drugs so that in the future we may also not have memory of how the leaders we have come to power because as the slogan of The Party says:
Orwell, George wrote:“WAR IS PEACE
IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH "(Orwell, Winston-pg 4)4

Ignorance is the strenth, the strength that a government needs to have in order to have a quiet society.

At the moment in Venezuela we can see that the situation is not very far from the dictatorship of Big Brother since they have the one of Nicolás Maduro, they may think they still have the free expression and although the things, the economy this bad, the people go ahead And try a better future from the present but if we look more deeply we can see that they do not have everything they think they have, money is something very vague and worthless since they are limited food, hygiene products and any product , then you can have all the money in the world but if you do not have to spend it just paper with a number.

They cannot freely express their opinions even if they believe that the protests are something that allows them to express their thoughts, whenever there are protests there are injured with the excuse that they started first, then there are people who are found dead when they recently made a public comment against the government or the current situation may be speculations of me and most people but those deaths and those injured people can generate 2 reactions: fear or anger and remember that a person with fear is a vulnerable and susceptible person to any chance of Improvement will be a progress for yourself, since fear creates the need.

Orwell, George wrote:"How could you have a slogan like" freedom is slavery "when the concept of freedom has been abolished?" (Orwell, Winston-Pg 53) 5

In a future or maybe today we know that it is freedom but we are living it? Freedom is something very subjective since your reality is not the same as mine, but what we know for freedom is based on what they taught us, what we believe we know and what we have lived therefore a moment may come or That moment is now where we identify the word freedom but do not have a concept to justify that we are free.

We are slaves of ourselves and in the same way in which we take care of enslaving others not only psychologically but also with actions or for what today is the fuel of the world, money, a business that today in Day is and will continue to be one of the biggest and I dare to say that even bigger than that of drugs, it is the business of sex, women are daily abducted and treated as sex slaves, so slavery is not simply under a dictatorship , Is a condition of life that many people have to face daily.

In 1984 Winston questioned whether everything around him, if all were so blind to see that instead of progress were lost and more poverty, were words without fundamentals but all accepted and only constantly nodded and applauded that "progress" just as we accept at the end of the year when year by year they told us that unemployment rates have declined but in February they show even higher figures than last year, only because in December more people are needed due to Christmas consumption and in February people do not remember the figure that was given to them 1 year ago so they can edit the information and since there are no memories about that and the information that is found is the one that is given to us we have only to accept a lie as a truth.

Humans have an advantage that can also be our double-edged sword, we get used to everything, in part because of that we manage to populate the world and certain species, not only we get used to the climate, we are thinking beings that we look for the way to do Our habitable environment and although that is the advantage can be our disadvantage because you cannot miss what you do not know so you adapt to the environment in which you were born and if you change from surroundings to a worse with time you get used to and forget the comforts that In a while you had, so it is not uncommon to know that in 1984 people did not notice that although they were shown graphs with an increase in textiles they were still wearing broken clothes 5 years ago.
Winston begins to think and analyze his surroundings, the reasons and its foundations and although he tries it he is seeing the need of a change, analyzes his life, crucial moments like casual moments but that in the bottom of his head they mean something, as I mentioned before The word freedom is something subjective, Winston presented the fact that people who in history are known as Proles before the life raised were slaves to the extent that the capitalists made them work hard, the living conditions were terrible and now The Party claims that they saved them, this is when we see that a frightened and needy person accepts the first opportunity to give him something better than what they know.

Many things may happen today, our realities may be different and the government will try to make us thinkers but submissive, but whether or not we will disappear with the passage of time, but not before giving the fight and hope for something better Of us as a species, society and person, each of us, the solution is education in a present and that we are willing to receive it and that teachers are willing to provide them because currently in Colombia there is a strike that has the majority of children And teenagers doing nothing 1 month ago because the government and teachers cannot reach an agreement, because money is what moves the world and with this to people, so unless we are willing to accept education and Others are willing to provide it, opportunities found, on the other hand we must think about overpopulation, it is not only a social problem but an economic and environmental problem because c Ada human being is a person who needs money, food, space to survive and that destabilizes things, everything extreme is bad.

I think it is extremist to take the decision of the Junior Anti-Sex Ligue that it is forbidden to love the person with whom you will decide to live the rest of your life since the purpose of this is to only have babies but do not fall in love, Or they cannot fulfill the same objective and if they need to increase the population I think that a couple in love will do better work than one that does it because the law forces them.

In Colombia to reduce overpopulation I think it would be a good idea to implement only one child per couple since over a generation the population is reduced by half creating better opportunities in all areas and may violate certain rights but It would be for the well-being of people in the future.

Orwell, George wrote:"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious" (Orwell, George-Pg 70) 6

Things can change is a matter of having a determination and try to do it because currently the world is not right, both socially and politically and environmentally, humanity may be the worst thing that has happened to this planet but we are the ones who assure our own Destruction but not for that we have to make our existence miserable and with that take everything around us, we can change.

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