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“The aim of the party was not merely to prevent men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. Its real, undeclared purpose was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act.” (Orwell, 1949, p. 65)
How are STD prevented? Wikipedia1 tells that there are 3 ways of doing this: sexual education, that basically is to know how STD works, how and where are they founded and how to avoid them, as in the book, if you don’t want to get caught by thought police you have to know how they work, or just follow the rules. The second one is hygiene, you have to wash your body with soap, and afterwards dry yourself well. In the book, this can be understood as washing your mind for maintaining yourself dumb and foreign to reality, and then getting dry with the scabrous routine. The third and last step is to use protection or preservatives, this could be assimilated with ignorance or to accomplish the proles state
The purpose of the thought police is to limit, overwhelm and suppress everyone who do not follow the steps. But, specifically, what transmission disease the thought police are? Starting with the fact, which is realizing that most of the STD have similar symptoms and ways of acquiring them. Thought police are gonorrhea’s in a certain way and a point of view besides its literal definition, explained further in the text.
Why are they not HIV?
HIV destroys the cells from the immunologic system inside a person, which helps us not to get ill. Having no defense at all, is easier to get ill and die due to an illness that normally would not kill us. A million people are living with HIV currently, and is supposed that 41.000 new people get infected every year. There is no cure for this, and it is transmitted by having a sexual act or by getting injected with an infected syringe. In 1984, the thought police disappear the ones they have to delete, to vaporize them, they do not end with them slowly unless they have to torture them. This is why HIV is a good opponent but not the proper one. Though is close, HIV is not the direct cause of a person’s dead.
Why are they not herpes?
Herpes is a virus that causes sores and ulcers, itching, headache, pain when urinating, and more than 50% of the population of older adults in the United States has it. 1 out of 4 people suffer this condition, which is very common. However, it is not deadly. By having this information, we can conclude that thought police is not herpes, as it is not deadly and it is not such a strong pain.
Why are they not HPV?
HPV may be harmless, but in some cases, it can lead to warts and even cancer. Most people have this disease and they do not know it. It is more common than herpes. Most types of HPV are harmless (more than 120 types), but there are some that can become deadly. The VPH has no cure, but is possible to eliminate the wrinkles it produces. A risky HPV generates cervical cancer and dysplasia.
This disease could be the closest one to fit with thought police profile, because they are everywhere and they are high in number, and some are highly dangerous, but that is what makes them not to fit inside this categorical disease, due to the warts that can be eliminated and not all are deadly, just the ones who causes cancer, but even the cancer could be threated.
Why the Thought Police is gonorrhea?
Gonorrhea can be contracted by sexual approach, or touching something where a person with the disease touched. I want to talk about this point, if someone who go against the party left some thoughts and that person touch those thoughts or ideas, he will be pursued by the police though (gonorrhea). Gonorrhea can be treated… but with an specific treatment and you have to get exhaust of complying with the medicine because if not you could get worst, like with the forced labors that the police thought force people to make, and if not or if it is not well treated, it will be really easier to catch a HIV and die of AIDS, that is why HIV was too close to my point, but gonorrhea had more things similar to the process of rebellion, one of these is that someone who has gonorrhea and touch someone’s eyes or his eyes, he would get temporarily blinded, if you see, I am relating a STD with literature and it has a deep meaning, gonorrhea make people blind, that is the purpose of the thought police.
The point of mixing and relating diseases with a deep meaning with literature is just out of sense, how you can relate a natural process of destruction with the believes and auto destructive behavior the human has. I use the word destruction in both but that is not the relation, because nature uses disease to maintain the environment secure and balance the harmony, but we are destroying what surround us not for defense, or for balancing, we are doing it because of our blind materialism and exaggerated consuming. We destroy for nothing, nature destroy for everyone, and for making easier and better our life unless it is horrible. However, nature plays a role similar to the Though Police’s one: nature regulates, according to what is fine or bad, eliminates what is unnecessary, for instance, species that do not fit in the animal kingdom, just like the Thought Police, they eliminate what is not in their standards, or inside their rules.
What the world needs, what our society needs is what nature does to control the land, not a person who do not believes in destruction but in money, what we need is to give in exchange and not just to remove. I related SEXUAL diseases with thought police because for me, these 2 things are what ruined the world, pornography had killed romance, and politics had killed love… and why? To satisfy unnecessary needs. That's why those thought police are unas gonorrheas 'ome!
Orwell, G. (1949). 1984. UK: Signet Classics.
1 https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infecciones_de_transmisi%C3%B3n_sexual


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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:30 pm

Well, I am sure many people wouldn't appreciate STD discussion in the way you just did, but all I can say is WOW.

The arguments are good, and your idea is... innovative to say the least, the sequence of ideas is easy to follow and your conclusion is intuitive and well achieved.

There are mistakes in the use of third person and a couple of words out of place, but in general, your essay deserves a 9.0


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