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Post by DMMartinR11B on Wed May 31, 2017 5:21 pm

In the novel of George Orwell,”1984”, Orwell shows us a futuristic vision of the world in which everything is dystopic, where everybody is blind and it is easily control, and where everything is controlled by the one who is powerful the most. The book show us a world that it is divided into three superpowers or continents (Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia), in Oceania the society is divided into three social stratums (the inner party, the outer party and the proles).

The proles are the ones that lives in the worst conditions, but they are not under constant watching of the party. The inner party are the ones that lives in the best conditions, they are watched by the telescreens, but they have many luxuries. The outer party are the ones that live in medium conditions; they are in constant watching of the party and they do not have as good conditions as the inner party does neither the freedom that the proles have. The proles are not important from the view of the party, so they don’t care in watching them and due to this they are not under control as the outer party is; as a consequence, they don´t impose everything to the proles (laws, literature, language etc…).

One of the things imposed in the society of Oceania is the language, known as newspeak, what this language is looking for is to reduce the words that composed the oldspeak, in order to reduce the language and avoid any kind of possibility of toughtcrime. “‘Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” (Orwell, 52)1. In this quote said by Syme he tell that the job of the newspeak is to reduce so much the language that the thought will totally disappear because there will be no words for even expressing an idea. Thinking is one of the most important things that human being has, that actually thinking is what differentiate us from the animals. Thinking is what make us conscious about all the things that surround us, the thinking is what make us be uncomfortable with the other people, thinking is all that make us evolve as humanity. Without thinking we will be not in disagree with anything, we will not evolve as humanity and as society and that is what exactly wants the government, we to be unable to think for they to get total control of us.

“The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.’” (Orwell, 53)2. This quote said by Syme show us that the language will be so reduce that there will be not thought, we can see that with a configuration in the language all our live will be different, if the language is modified, then the literature is modified, and if the literature is modified all our culture, as the Saphyr Worff theory explains. And the prove is on the newspeak, as the newspeak modifies the language reducing it, all the texts will be modified too, and as there are no words for express ourselves there will be not more literature, as there is no more literature then there will not be thought, and as there is no any kind of thought our culture will be easily modified thanks to our unconsciousness.

The quote also says that orthodoxy means not thinking, so orthodoxy is unconsciousness. We know orthodoxy is to be comfortable with the traditional doctrine, so as one were born in a society that has these parameters I will be totally comfortable with this just because it was like that when I was born, and if it is really bad why it have not been changed? Here we can see one of the biggest problems that the humanity has, we are agree with something that was already stipulated because it is a “custom” that the people have, and no matter how in disagree we are with this doctrine we accept it for being part of the society and not be rejected. We think that things have been like that since a lot of years ago, and as people accept it I also have to accept it, and when we agree with all those laws, all those rules, all those parameters we are not thinking in what will be better and in how it will be possible making it better, so we are letting the society make us unconscious and therefore we let the government to have more power over us and to control us much more easy due to our ignorance and unconsciousness.
Thanks that the proles are not part of the party, they are not under the constant view of the party, they are not important for the party, thanks to all this the proles are actually free from all the impositions, all the rules, the language, the corruption, the slavery, etc… As they are free from all these they are not going to lose the oldspeak, so they are going to be able to think even if the persons of the party could not do it, and thanks to that they will be able to think, they are not going to be as ignorant as the rest of the people so in them it lies the hope of freedom. “As the Party slogan put it: ‘Proles and animals are free.’” (Orwell, 72)3.

The proles are composed by the 85% of the total population of Oceania, so they just don´t have the freedom, but the power for raising up against the party and ending with the corruption that have been pushing them through all those years. The proles are the only persons that are not under the control of the party, they are the majority of the population, they are free, and if the thought dies because of the newspeak, they will be the unique persons with the ability of thinking and thanks to that they are the only ones with the capacity of being in disagree with the party and raising up against them. As we see before because of the modification in the language, the literature is modified, and thanks to this, the culture is modified too. The proles are the only people that are not going to have a modification in their language, so they are not going to lose the capacity of thinking and they are not going to became ignorant as the rest of the people, they just need an impulse for raising up against the government, for making the revolution, that the people to unite in order for finishing the whole corruption.
“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” (Orwell,70)4. In here we have the prove that we let the government controls us easily because of our unconsiousness. If the people starts to think for finally getting conscious about all that surrounds them, then they will realize that in the society they live in, there is no freedom, ther is no justice, there is no peace, etc… They will raise up against the government, they will start a revolution for making their society a better place to live in and they will became conscious thanks to the revolution, on the other hand if they don’t even think they will never be conscious about all the things that surround them, and if they don’t get conscious of all the things happening in their society, so they are never going to raise up against the government and they will always be controled by the government due to their unconsciousness, if the people does not start realizing about the things happening in the society, they will never get conscious, if they never get conscious they will never reveal against the society, and if they don’t start a revolution against the imposition things will never change.

The power for changing  is on us, in our thoughts and if we let that the government take form us our language in order to take our thoughts and our capacity of thinking away, we will end in a society really similar to the one shown in 1984. The whole power for causing a revolution is in the majority and in the people that think and don’t let the government make them blind and ignorant, like are the proles.

1.Nineteen Eigthy-Four. Orwell,George. 1949, Signet Planet
4.Op. Cit


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