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Post by LFGODOYH11A on Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:05 pm

Prejudice vs Big brother.
First, we have to take into account what a prejudice me means, any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable, so taking into account this little definition, we can start to talk about how we can see the prejudices in our society like the big brother, here we do what the society wants, because we need that the things we do be approved for someone else that is not us, because our opinion of what we do is not enough, we need that someone else tell us that we are doing right things, that we are working how we have to work, that we are making what we have to make, also that we are loving how we have to love, but we do not take into account that the society wants that we be all the same, that Juan be the same as Pedro, and if it is not like that the society doesn't matter, if it is not like it have to be, it not function, you have to change, because you do not fit into that definition of right person that the society establish, because we already have a prototype, so why we have to change it? For what? We can be like that, and do not ask anything, only doing what society sais, and conforming us to believe that we are good people, thinking that we are good persons because we go to the church all Sundays, that´s not a good person, go to church doesn't make you a good person, you cannot think that a homosexual person it is not a human because they have different pleasures than you, because until the society sais the love doesn't account if you love a person of the same gender than yours, love is love until you love a person that have the same reproductive system that you have, we love to discriminate what we are, and what we make, because we can't understand that a person that is different is not wrong, is only different, but actually that is impossible to understand know days, because we use to think that ignore the problems or the differences we have is the best way to solve all, we all get angry when some says lies to us, but we don't see that we laying ourselves, that we prefer to say anything is happening, all is alright, we don't need a change, we are acting how we have to act because society sais, you are a bad woman if you are sexual worker, it doesn't matter how or why you take the desition to work on that, you are a bad person because you are making what society sais, in this case society love to have the prejudice that woman only are used to having sex, take care of the kids, and make the food, sexual workers are doing the things society said, the 2 only differences is that they are asking money, and they do it with more than one man, so what is the point of having prejudices if we are judging a women that are making what society sais. We never take into account the reasons that take to that woman to be a sexual worker, to work on what she works, really you think that this is the easy path? You think that is easy to pass over your moral and ethics for having something to eat? you think that is easy do what the client asks, it doesn't matter if you like it are not? You think that is easy to allow someone you do not like to touch your body? That is not easy, but for some women sometimes is necessary, but we are generalizing, some women make it because they give them pleasure, but that is not the same what men do? they have sex with many women, but that is right because they are men, we love the misogyny, society love to say that the worst thing that happened to men was the woman, but Who are we to judge the women who work in this? had you never kiss someone you don't know? Have you ever have sex with a person you don't know? so with what moral you judge these women if you do the same but without asking for money? It doesn't have seems to say someone that is wrong what they do, but you do the same, the only difference is that is you whose is doing that, so if you do it doesn't be wrong, but if someone else does it it is wrong, that is called double moral, really the difference of gender make us have all of that prejudices?
Another good example of prejudices is when we say that men can not cry, really? They are also humans, the also feel sadness, happiness, or they also get stress and collapse, because they are HUMANS if a man likes to take care of him, of how the see, he is homosexual, but if a woman doesn't do it she is a careless, we are accustomed that some things are for women and others for men, but the things that are for men are only for men and the things can not make it the other gender because if that happens the women is a "marimacha" and the boys are homosexuals, but why have to be like that? because society says? that society says something doesn't mean that is right, moral tell us that we have to be all the same and do the same things, and only one gender can do some things, these are the prototypes that we can not continue having, if a man wants to depilate his legs why can not do it?
In conclusion for me, the big brother works us the prejudices that we have. The big brother doesn't allow people be like they want to be, they have to be all the same, eat the same things, stand up at the same time, make all as the other make it, because we have to agree with what society says, it's better to be all the same that respect the differences we have, is better discriminate, is better judge than understand, is better be a copy of a prototype that we, our selfs, really is better ignore than confront or only fight for what you think is right.


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