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Post by V.GomezC'11B on Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:52 pm

The Saphyr-Whorff theory is a triangle that related the three principle things in the society, and there are: culture, literature and language, of course that in the life of George Owell we can evidence because their parents were with a nationality India but his mother had offspring of France, but when George had two years old he and his family went to United Kingdom, so in this parte we can evidence the change of the culture and obviously the change of the language. When George finished the college he decided to incorporate to the police of India and with the time he learn a lot of things like imperialism and long time after he returned to United Kingdom and wrote “Burmese days” where we talk about his experience in India and in this part we can evidence the part of literature in the live of this man.


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