Freedom is an unreal thing nowadays

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Freedom is an unreal thing nowadays  Empty Freedom is an unreal thing nowadays

Post by LForeroL11B on Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:19 pm

Freedom is an unreal thing nowadays
Leonardo Forero
English Literature

We most of the time we listen, see and live moments in which people are living a life in which they are control by something, that something is the illness of the society and in most of the cases of the countries. Some people do not see that we are control by a power monopoly in which in one and other form they are impairing us, and that’s why always stay quiet, and we think we are find. The illness that has the power of us is the comparison of the “Big Brother” We can say inside the book 1984. The illness can makes us in a very strategic and intelligent way to serve to them or to make things that are for the benefit to them.
To have freedom the society needs to stand up and stop the bad people that are ruling us in a bad way to get their benefits. How we see it in the book in the case of Winston that is not at the side of the system that is working in those times and also he is not agree with the “Big Brother”. We can see this is the reality that we are living in the year 2017, that means that in the world, these big problems comes from a lot of years ago. What is happening? Why we still taking silence? Why we continue living the same things during all these years? These are questions that are very important inside this problematic, we are exposed in a government in which give us some promises in which we think that they are going to make them real but during the time we see that all this thousands of promises are going down, this means they never comply what they promise to us. Are maybe they just make real the little things that doesn’t have so much work, they don’t required lot of papers, and the most important that don’t use a lot of money inside the inversion. An example that we can express is a big problem inside Colombia, exactly in Bogota, the capital of Colombia and is about the means of transport and the minimum salary, and this problem is that the Colombian government rises up the prices of the means of transport and it rises up the minimum salary in just a little percent. The conflict inside this problematic was analyze by the same society in Bogota, and the result of the analysis was that, this poor people, needs more money than they are winning, so this means that this people had to live in a very difficult way because their money is not enough for they have as minimum an stable life. This is just some of the problems we have; we know that in Colombia the means of transport has big and very amazing earnings that easily can help poop people. But what is happening with all this money? What they do with the money? That’s the big question that all the Colombian society wants to know. The thing is that we are not having freedom, the thing is that our comments are always not listen and most of the time all our comments and critics, and our nonconformities are always quite, also is amazing to see how the media help to quite the problems we have right know. There was a time, more or less in the 1990s that if a journalist shows the truth of the situation and how is the society very bad by the corruption, by the tricks and all this kind of staff they were killed, so where is our freedom? When can we think and express our thinking without having fear that they will not listen to us, that maybe we can get kill because we express what reality is showing to us, but always the government quite.

Imagine that the town is a table, and in the table the government is playing a table game, if the town stands up the game will finish to the bad government that has the power in us. So what are we waiting at? I think if most of the people in a society, in a town, in a country stand up we can make big changes, we can be free to do what we want in the right way, we can express what we want to express, we could show and say possibilities that can help the society o be better. Have you imagine if the society can have the power of all, and the government just does what we say them to do? I think this will be awesome, because they will put inside our shoes, and they will know how we fill, how difficult is to live in that way and how we only take care to get more and more money. They cannot have freedom to show their points of view and all of this.

The “Big Brother” is just the summary of the conflict we have nowadays, this fictional person shows the real things that are happening right now, we just follow orders of someone or something, we belief in what they say to us, and the way we say that 2 plus 2 is 4, and they can show to us that 2 plus 2 can be 5, so this is the awesome to analyze the book with this topic, this is the real life, this is what we are living right now. Liberty is just word, is not an act that we can put in practice or make it work, the government is the only one that can be free to do what they want and they doesn’t matter what can happen to us, to the real injured people that are used from a “Big Brother “ in the government, that it puts us in the head things that they will be never be truth and that it only are say for the benefices of them, and we continue without the liberty to express thing that we are not agree.


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Freedom is an unreal thing nowadays  Empty Re: Freedom is an unreal thing nowadays

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:43 pm

the text is 1011 words so it will be validated at the most in a 5.0

on the other hand, your text does not show any sign of intertextuality nor the use of the source book at all. your English presents major flaws in punctuation, coherence and vocabulary. The text shows absolutely no main idea and no follow-up arguments.

Considering all this, your final grade is a 3,0


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