Saphyr-whorff theory related with George Orwell

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Saphyr-whorff theory related with George Orwell Empty Saphyr-whorff theory related with George Orwell

Post by SDTriana11A on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:33 pm

Eric arthur blair also known as George Orwell was a british writer who wrote about facism, totalitarism and mainly critizied society and its problems.
He was born in India, in a british colony, which means his first language was English.
He wrote 1984 based on his experiences on the spanish civil war. And he created some terms such as “big brother”.
What saphyr-Whorff theory defends is: Two languages are not similar enough to represent the same social reality, so each language has its own social characteristics. So individuals thoughts and actionas are determined by language.
His place in Spanish civil war means that he survived and lived that in spanish. He got those experiences in Spanish with a certain characteristics given by the social reality. What his brain did was translating the actions into his main language and gave it the characteristics of the first social reality he experienced. He cut nature up, translate it, organized and turn it into a masterpiece. This is evidence of how culture create literature, how language create literature, language create culture and culture create language.
He changed language and literature by opening the way for new artists to create and predict the future based on current activities and facts. A clear of example of the relation between literature and culture are uncle sam and the big brother, both are fictional characters but one was used to convince people and the other one was used to lock out people.
In general language, culture are in every aspect of human life, and as literature in some part of history had affected those concepts, daily situations related all of the three terms the saphyr-whorff theory pose.


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